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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Someone stop me!! I registered for the Rocky Mountain Soap Company Women's Run on May 14th...another Half. So, between now and August 31st, I'm registered for 2 10k's, 5 halfs and 2 full marathons. With June and July wide open (read: nothing yet), that number is likely to change.
Oh well...I'd just end up spending the money on something else.

Last night time trials were postponed, due to the unsafe path conditions. It "warmed" up to -6C, so that part would have been fine, but the paths were still covered with snow and ice and you just don't want a bunch of people tearing around on it like idiots, all trying to a 3-hr marathon finish pace, regardless of their abilities. Instead we talked about winter running, and what to wear, then went out and did a 6km temp. Actually just over 7km by my Garmin, and it was more of a steady for me. Still getting my running legs back...never, ever take time off from running/workouts. I'm still paying for it. But I will get it back soon enough, and rock out those upcoming races. Yes, I will!!

Did some measuring last night, although on March 1st, I'll do this in the morning, not after supper and such. Haven't really lost any inches...and why must the Weight Watcher's site do everything in pounds but measurements in cm's?! I do not know any woman who would be proud to say "I have a 104cm waist". It just sounds wrong. And updating your measurements in the site is close to painful. Once you figure out exactly which screen to do it on. But crisis averted and measurements updated.

Finished lunch (ham sammie, leftover KD, very large carrots) and am now sitting here trying to stay awake. I really need to go to bed at 10. Just once...


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Sue said...

Hi Carol,

I'm a runner, and I often check out blogs as I come across them. I recently found yours, and congratulations on trying to get back on track with your WW and running goals! I know how good it feels to be back out there after a stint inside!

One of the things that has been super helpful for me is eating leaner proteins. I've had to banish things like KD, ham and other high fat meats for lots of lean and low fat options, which rebuilds my muscles and burns my body fat quicker, resulting in better times for me.

Just thought I'd put in my 2 cents. Looking forward to reading your progress now that I've found you! Good luck,


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