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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good day

Got up on time...okay, so I hit snooze a few times, but at least the alarm went off, allowing me to snooze!

Packed up breakfast and lunch:
- oatmeal with toasted pecans and Saskatoon berries.
- cottage cheese and an apple. I did take a piece of leftover chicken, but decided last minute to get a bowl of soup downstairs. Vegetable tortellini. It was chalk full of big, chunky vegetables and had a nice clean broth. Afternoon snack was an Asian pear and the Satisfaction yogurt. Thought I'd give it a try, but I think I'll stick with the Greek stuff. No fat and no unhealthy stuff...

Work was...I think I'm getting some new tasks sent my way, which will be awesome. A - because I get to learn more and B - because I am, for all intents and purposes, done my work for.the.month. It may be a long two weeks!

Came home, changed and just made it to boot camp. It's amazing...if I leave my house by 4:28, I'm pulling up at boot camp with a good 10 minutes to spare. 4:32 and I'm almost late! Literally ran in the room at 4:59!! Craziness...anyway, we had good, all over, boot camping fun! Happy good times!!!! Equally painful parts of cardio (jump rope), upper body (lats, flies, curls, extensions, push ups), core (drop leg flies) and legs (lunge walking, squats). Our goal was to hit 800 reps! Yes, 6 stations with 25 reps each and one station of 50...repeat 4 times! I am proud to say that when the front runner finished, I only had 125 reps to go. Usually just starting my 3rd loop by the time the jocks are finished their fourth. I went hard tonight! Also signed up for a Zumba class that Survivor is putting on. The instructor is considered one of the best in Calgary, and I've already heard raves about her. Unfortunately didn't realize until after I signed up that I have a half marathon on day one, but I think that's a good enough excuse to get me out of class that day!

Home from boot camp, where I put together Spanish Chicken and Rice. It was posted on the WW site this week and looked really good. I did some variations though.

Into the new Epicure Everything Pan went evoo, onion, garlic and chicken breasts (they called for thighs...blech). Add Spanish Paprika (luckily for me, Epicure sells a delightfully smoky version), cumin seeds, S&P. Throw in roasted red pepper strips and cherry tomatoes (I had grape, so that's what I used) and I added quartered baby artichokes. Add the rice (again, switch up here...they called for white rice (WTF??) so I added my quick cooking barley instead. Way more protein and full of fibre) and stir till coated. Add 1 can chicken broth (and a bit of water), cover and cook till barley is tender. Test for seasonings (more paprika) and add 15 sliced green olives and a splash of Sherry vinegar. Heat through and enjoy. Verdict...OH-MY-GAWD!!!!!!!!!! With my variations, the recipe changed from 10pts per serving (4 large servings) to 8 and I am happily satiated. And I have lunch AND supper for tomorrow already done.

Part of my goal this week was to try something new from the grocery store, so I bought a Chayote Squash. Found a recipe for a salad of sorts with roasted red pepper and a tangerine dressing that I will try later this week.
Doesn't it remind you of Audrey II?? "Feeeeed me..." Okay...I may have just dated myself. I hate getting old!
Also bought a turnip.
Yup...the long hated root vegetable from my youth. But...I also despised Brussels sprouts and since I brought home a good pound of them last night, I'd say I've become a fan! I'll try it roasted and see whether it's an adult taste or if I still hate them.

Enjoying a little wine after dinner, and rehydrating after boot camp. And I will go to bed early tonight. I hope...that's the goal anyway.


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