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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My boot got kicked!

I did it...I returned to boot camp tonight. I won't lie...seriously wondered how the hell I did this before! Seriously wondered how on earth I could keep lifting the weights above my head! Seriously wondered what I was thinking going to 10 lbs, when 8 was all I could handle tonight! BUT...I got my sweat on, and I feel great. Knew mostly everyone, and for once I wasn't totally last. Wasn't at the top of the class either, but I wasn't the only one heaving, forcing lunch to stay where it was and sweating like a bear in the woods!!! I can't wait for Thursday!!

Stopped at Safeway on the way home, to pick up "a couple of things", it's 10% Tuesday. That means if you spend over $35, you can get 10% off your bill or 10x the Airmiles. I always go the airmiles route, but tonight, my list was small and I wondered if I would even hit the $35 minimum...$142 later, and I wasn't so worried any more!! What the frick did I spend my money on?!?! Okay, so I bought a WW cookbook (the new PointsPlus) and a DVD (although it was on sale!) but still...for someone that had like 7 things on her shopping list, how I came home with two very full go-bags of stuff is beyond me. Of course, by the time I made it home (stopped at Walmart for litter), it was late and I was in no mood to make dinner. So I had a turkey wrap (found some awesome, albeit slightly salty, roast turkey slices for 1pt (3 slices)) and the last of my pickled herring. Not the most well rounded meal, but I am satisfied and ready to head for bed.

Speaking of...I will most definitely need the restorative powers of sleep tonight, so I'm going to shut down and go to bed. Night all.


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