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Sunday, January 9, 2011


While picking up milk and such yesterday, I passed by the fish counter, where I spied a whole trout for sale. Mmmmm...instant flashbacks to my childhood. You see, we went fishing every weekend. I mean every, single weekend that the rivers were open (we grew up in Canada, after all). Fist off, my family really enjoyed it, but I think we also did so much because this way we always had fish in the freezer. Once, after a particularly good run, we smoked a whole pile and had them in the cold room. While other kids munched on boring old popcorn while watching TV, I indulged in a whole smoke fish! looked odd, but it was the most amazing thing ever!!

Anyway, I had to buy the fish, so that became dinner tonight. Back to the morning though. I did not get up and go down to the Running Room for run club. The wind was howling, the snow was blowing, and I actually listen when the police say "if you don't have to go out, don't". I didn't, so I didn't!! After a nice lie in, I got up, made a coffee and got a small pot of oats going on the stove (steel cut oats, UVAB, water, toasted walnuts, cinnamon stick and vanilla). Once cooked, I mashed in a banana...hearty, stick to your ribs breakfast.

I did get in some exercise today as I did 3 loads of laundry (that means 6x up and down 3 flights of stairs), washed a massive bunch of dishes (step one in reclaiming my kitchen for cooking!) and went out and shoveled the walks (the first of many times this week, I'm sure). The last was a killer workout - despite the cold, I came back in majorly sweaty. Good thing I had a nice hot supper planned.

I started by roasting a bunch of cut up Brussels sprouts, tossed with a bit of pancetta (have a package of bits in my freezer) and olive oil. While those got brown and happy, I cleaned up the trout (made sure the scales were removed, cut off the head, etc) and then tossed it with some S&P and flour. Heated up a frying pan good and hot, added some oil and then the fish. I may have set of the smoke detector in the process, but the memories of a good old fish fry came flooding back!!! Flipped the fish, and heated up a wild rice cup in the microwave (Minute Rice - tasty and simple). Dinner was served...I thrilled myself when I remembered how to de-bone the whole fish too (just like in the cartoons, I have a perfect fish skeleton in my trash right now - it's the little things that make me smile...), and I had the best treat ever...extra crispy fish skin. I'm sure some of you are turning green, but seriously, I'd take you down for a piece of crispy fish skin! Simple pleasures...

In keeping with the whole kitchen reclaiming, I've already washed the dinner dishes, which I'll put away shortly. Then I'll pack up lunch and breakfast and then hit the hay. Back to work, and for 5 whole days this time...that's going to hurt!

Keep warm and safe, wherever you are.


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