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Friday, August 28, 2009

Squats good...

Can barely sit down, after yesterday's focus on legs, but I do love how my butt feels these days!
Only woke up once with leg pain last night, so that seems to be getting better too. Got up and started the day with a Green Monster. Stopped in at the 'bucks for my usual 5 shot, non-fat, extra-hot latte. Needed the kick-start this morning. Mid morning fuel up was a Coconut Pie Larabar (my FAVOURITE!!!) before running over to Bridgeland to care for the kitties. My legs were lead today though, so I walked back. I know I have Boot Camp tonight, so I'll save my energy for that.
Lunch was left over beef stir fry on rice and two kiwis. Plugged away at work, and got so involved in a mini-project that I didn't notice the time, until I realized I had to leave to get to Boot Camp! Rushed home (carrying all my 'work' workout gear, two go cups (one for coffee, the other for monster), lunch bag, jacket (+10 when I leave for work, +27 when I come home!) and other assorted goodies stuffed in my pack. Extra workout, as far as I'm concerned. Wolfed down some Liberte non-fat Vanilla yogurt and some Kashi Cinnamon squares before heading out again.
Boot Camp rocked again tonight. I managed to do the Douglas Fir trail run in under 8 1/2 minutes (with my bad ankle) which I was happy with, but I still hate it when I am sucking wind by the time I get to the top. A stranger would never know that I run EVERY DAY by the way I stand there, trying to breathe. But I pulled it together and managed to do a couple of fast flights of the final set of steps before we headed back to our mats. Did incline push-ups matched off against squats (10 push-ups, run across field, 20 squats, return and 9 push-ups, continue countdown) while the boys did chin-ups. Then we swapped off...because of my shoulder issues, I do the chin-ups from my back, while everyone else did the regular kind. There are chin-up bars under the Crescent Height stairs, so I think I'm going to add some practice reps to my Tuesday and Thursday stairs (haven't been there for two weeks now, and I MISS THEM) to build up my upper body strength. That and I hate failing at things... Did some bicep curls, triceps work, more leg work, and finished with core and abs. Then Trainer Josh had a new of those scales that measures your body fat, muscle/bone percentage, visceral fat, BMI, etc. I am very happy that I have managed to get my BMI under 29 (yay me!) and my visceral fat (the bad kind that wraps around your organs and such) 7 (less than 10 is good)...of course, who knows how accurate these things are, but I did like the weight it showed as well!
Came home, and decided I wanted a really simple supper...and I'm too exhausted to really cook! So I had my Lemon Carbenara pasta...while the pasta cooks, I soaked some sun-dried tomatoes and diced up some roasted red pepper (packed in water). Whisk together 1 egg and the zest and juice from 1 lemon. Once the pasta is done, drain but leave a little of the pasta water in the pot. Return pasta to pot, put on low heat and add the egg mix. This is important...start stirring and do not stop until the sauce thickens. Careful or you end up scrambling the eggs, but done right and you end up with a fluffy, thick lemony sauce. Add the tomatoes and peppers, some freshly torn basil and top with grated Parmesan. Yum, yum, yum...

Still hungry, so I had another bowl of Kashi squares with almond milk. Now I have a very satisfied tummy... Going to ice my ankle or knee or thigh (which ever body part wants it the most!) and watch some TV. Then early to bed, as I've got to get up bright and early for weigh in.


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