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Sunday, February 6, 2011


The snow has started...I can see it flying by the window and everything is all white...again.

Walked to the store, because I want to try the Lentil & Spinach recipe in the Self magazine. Also picked up some whole wheat perogies (6pts per serving), which I boiled up while baking off sauerkraut (anything pickled rocks my world...'cept maybe feet. Ug!) with some of the farm fresh Polish sausage (5pts) on top. Given the cold and the snow, it was a perfect Sunday dinner. I also tossed a carrot, chopped up, in with the perogies, topping it with a smidgen of butter when it was done. Still tender crisp...not the mushy waste of vegetable I'm sure most of us grew up with.

I did indulge in a Reese's Peanut Butter cup - sometimes you just have to say yes to a craving - and since I ran 13km and walked to and from the store, it was points I had earned and could use. And after letting it get nice and hard in the fridge as a party in mouth!! Watched another disc of Criminal Minds and am now getting ready to wind down for the night. I will have to drive to work, so I can go and get Mom (in the storm...oh, joy) tomorrow afternoon. Good thing I have winter tires on Baby Girl.


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