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Monday, February 28, 2011

Dear Mother Nature

We need to talk. Now, I have long been a big fan of your work. The colours, the seasons, the different really have it down. Even in winter. Anyone could freeze water and call it snow, but you make each flake unique onto itself and gently toss them to the earth in a cascade of beauty...or at least you used to.

Now...well, I have to say I have issue with the force that you're hurtling said flakes in our direction lately. Sideways is not a good look for snow. And having them cleverly gather together to hide those pesky patches of ice like that?? Well, my ankle is not a fan of the very ungraceful duck dance I did (in public, I may add) just to stay on my feet...which I need to enjoy YOUR backyard, BTW. Just sayin'.

Enough already...yes, you've proven you can dump snow. You've proven you can blow wind. You've even taken us to temperatures we'd rather not think about. Kudo's to you and all your power. Now could you lay off for a day or twenty!? I did not enjoy the "needles in the face" sensation of the -36C windchill this morning, nor will I be ever so chipper about trying to remove said snow later from the walkways (so others don't fall, as I nearly did).

Now, don't get me wrong...I'm not mad. Let's just say that the entire city of Calgary would like a change. Please. We're all just a little tense!!! Has this got something to do with the whole oil thing?? We're trying, really we are. We recycle...we walk to work, we're harnessing wind power (yes, your wind). I did see people on bicycles today, and I wasn't walking alone. Seriously, we're trying. Maybe you could look deep into your heart and throw us a freaking bone.

A "teetering on the edge" fan.

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