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Friday, February 25, 2011

Dirty Dozen

Remembered about the Footstock weekend in Cochrane in June, and booked race #12 today! That's a total of 2 10's, 8 Halfs and 2 Marathons, all scheduled between now (okay, 1 has been run) and the end of September, and on average one a month. There are a couple of months where I double up, but nothing too serious, like back to back weekends. Okay, so March is a little busy, but I start with the two 10 k's and finish it with the Half. Easy-peasy.


Why am I doing this? Is there a slight mental deficiency on my part? Perhaps, but then I read the quote from my clinic instructor this week (which he took from Runners World) and it says:
"Relax, it's just running. Of course it can be the most intoxicating, captivating, meaningful part of your life.
But it still is just running.
Nobody's making you do it, and you are not going to save the world doing it.
So find what you enjoy about running, and then follow your bliss."
Some of you may recall that I had listed qualifying for Boston as my BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) back after completing Calgary. At that time, to qualify before I turn 50, I had to run a 4 hour marathon. Now, thanks to the 7-hour sell out last year for April's run, the wise folks in Bean Town decided to tighten things up a tad.

"Boston Marathon organizers today announced adjustments to the qualifying times and registration policies for the 2012 and 2013 Boston Marathons. The marathon will institute a two-week, rolling registration process for 2012, and will lower standards by five minutes across all age and gender categories for 2013.
The rolling admission process will reward runners with faster qualifying times. The BAA plans to open registration for the 2012 race on September 12, when only runners who have met the standard by more than 20 minutes (for 28-year-old man, this would mean a time of 2:50 in 2012, and 2:45 in 2013), will be able to sign up. The BAA will gradually allow runners with slower times to enter the registration pool until the field size of around 25,000 is met. For example, runners who have met the standard by 10 minutes can register midway through week one.
After a week, if the field size is not met, any runner who has met the standard for their age and gender will be able to register, although priority will be still be granted to faster runners."
Will I let this detour me? I hope not...I think that's why I'm being a crazy lady and registering for every race I can. I just want to continue to improve, step by step and kilometer by kilometer. I WILL qualify...I have just under 2 years to do so, and really, only (hehe, "only") have to run 5 minutes faster than before the big announcement. FIVE minutes...this can be done.
Waiting on the Coinamatic guy to come and see if he can fix the buildings only washing machine. Of course, when I have a pile of rather stinky running gear to clean, the machine goes on the fritz. And then boot camp at 6, indoors again at the church. Actually don't mind that site, as the stairs help mix things up a bit. Still haven't quite decided what to do for supper, since it's "warmed" up to a balmy -10C out there, so I'm not craving the comfort foods quite so much. Not craving salad either, so I'll have to make up my mind by the time I get home from BC.

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