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Monday, February 21, 2011


Today is my birthday...and I am proud to say I am forty-eight years young.'s how "old" your parents were when you were growing up. That's how "old" the teachers, who never understood you and weren't nearly as smart as they should be, were. It was OLD...
Well, all I have to say to that is I ran 16km yesterday morning, did Zumba on Saturday, kept up with the "youngens" at boot camp in Thursday and Friday and generally do not feel forty-eight. Oh, I feel forty-seven, but not forty-eight! How is it supposed to feel, anyway? Granted, things do make more noise now, including myself as I bend over to pick something up, and there is an evil conspiracy to make the print on menus smaller and smaller, while the lighting in any restaurant gets darker and darker. It's all a plot to drive us crazy and make eye wear specialists richer!
Even the wrinkles aren't so bad...I've earned every single one them, thank you very much! Yet I don't think I look "forty-eight".

I do follow a bit of a routine though, mainly to keep the skin healthy, not necessarily "young" looking. I know how old I am, and how old I'll look if I try to look 20. Sad, and most certainly not 20!

So, before I go to bed, I wash off the eye makeup with the gentle remover (I am a Neutregena fan) before going over the whole face with the cloth. I do wet a regular face-cloth after that and just scrub once more (kind of exfoliating, I suppose) but it's more to get the smell of the cleansing cloth off...kind of stinky. Once that is done, I go over the whole face with toner (forgot to take picture) to make sure everything is really clean and refreshed.

Then I apply the eye cream around the eyes (probably not as gently as they describe) and then either the 'Tone Correcting Serum' (which I really didn't notice making a difference but I want to use it up) or the nighttime cream. Finish it off with the Skinlogics lip balm, for soft and kissable (do you hear that, single men?!) lips.
In the morning, I wash the face again with just a wet cloth and then apply the daytime cream with SPF 15, under my makeup.
So that's my "secret"...of course, the furbabies don't seem to mind how old I look, so why should I?!
Spent last night with my nephew, his fiancee, brother, SIL and Mom, at the nephew's place. This was their first time "entertaining" the family, and I think they did just fine. We had cheese and crackers to nosh on, spaghetti with meat sauce, Caesar salad and cheesy garlic toast for dinner, and a small cheesecake for dessert. We were celebrating mine, my Mom's (tomorrow) and my nephew's (the 27th) birthdays. Wonder what is so special about June????
Be sure to head over to Amy's blog and wish her Happy Birthday help her out, I pointed out that the day she was born, I was getting drunk in the bar!
Off to have a fun-filled birthday day...changing litter, hauling garbage, finishing the blinds (have to go yell at the nice people at Rona...64" means just that...not 42". Grrr....), maybe vacuum, get some groceries and decide what to have for supper.


H-woman said...

Have a wonderful day! =)

H-woman said...

Oh, and I literally laughed out loud when I read about you being drunk the day Amy was born! =P

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Happy Birthday Carol! I hope that I'm half as active as you are when I'm 48 :)

Tricia said...

happy birthday!

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