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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A good day

Slept in a bit (always a treat when the alarm goes off at 5:30) and then up, dressed, eat and out the door for Zumba. It's an odd day weather wise, as it's "warm" (-4C) but the wind still has a real bite to it, and it piled up drifts all night, as evidenced on the drive to Zumba. The Boss was there, but just to unlock the church, help the instructor set up and then to take the class, not run it. Good...she and I basically took opposite corners, and kept it that way. Wore the Vibrams today, which were still a little sticky on the floor, but not as bad as the runners were last week. And I could get up on my toes better and really shake these old hips. A lot of the moves are coming back to me after a few years of Latin Aerobics, but I am still Irish. I may be able to clog (okay, only when really, really, really drunk) but some hips actions were just not meant to be done by my people!

After class, I came home, showered and changed and went to get Wissaminated. That is what I call getting a cut & colour from my awesome stylist, Wissam. I am now even more gorgeous than I was before, and I can see because the blessed hair has been removed from my eyes! And grays begone (for another 5-6 weeks, at least). Home from that, after stopping in London Drugs to pick up a couple of things. I went in for Emergen-C, as I'm getting low and only have a flavour I'm not particularly fond of. I'll drink it, but I'll alternate with one I like. I add a teaspoon of L-Glutamine to it, to help build a strong immunity (wicked bad cold going around that tends to turn into bronchitis for most people I know) and because it's supposed to help with the energy for running. The nutritionist that spoke a few weeks back recommended it, and really, how bad can fizzy vitamin C be?! I walked out with a few treats though, and what was to be supper, cheese gnocchi and a mushroom tomato sauce. The treats were lime tortilla chips (for whatever reason I craving them) and TimTams, although I've already hidden them on myself! They will be a treat for a very special I still have to come up with!

Was sitting around when H-woman called and we ended up going for sushi (she had sushi, I had a bowl sashimi (just raw fish) and rice) and then to see The King's Speech. Brilliant...absolutely brilliant. Colin Firth should win, Geoffrey Rush should win, they should all win. Funny, real, poignant...brilliant.

Home again, where I am getting ready for bed and tomorrow's long run. Not sure if it'll be 16 or 19km...guess we'll find out when we get there.


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