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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hypothermic Half and good eats

The race went well. We really lucked out with the weather, as it was nice, clear and barely any wind. Trouble with Chinooks is while they raise the temps and melt the snow, they also blow. Wind gusts of 60km+/hour are common, and we were running straight west (the direction the wind normally blows out of) for 11km. But nary a breeze, which made for a good run. I dressed light for the day...long-sleeved tech, Running Room jacket, capri pants, Asic Gel Nimbus hat, no gloves, no trail shoes.

I also decided to run how I felt today, rather than 10:1's, or what have you. There would only be 1 water station, which supplied at about the 7/14 km mark, so walking only at water stations (how I ran Toronto) was out. I started out aiming for 5km runs/1 minute walks, but as the day wore on, I started walking at about the 2km mark and then when I hit a landmark (run to Crowchild, walk for a minute, run to 14th St, walk up the bridge, etc). At about the 6km mark, the vent zippers on the jacket were opened (armpits) and by km 11, the jacket was off! So happy I left all the rest of it at home. The paths were relatively clear of ice and snow, although yesterday's melts and resulting freeze overnight, left some icy areas to avoid. There was one rather nasty section, where the City doesn't do a bang-up job cleaning the path and then it turns into an access road for the local sports arenas. About 2km of ice, loose snow, more ice (almost bit it HARD once) and then hard-packed snow where the cars had driven. Given the temperatures, this was now loose and very sand-like. Got through that, crossed the Shouldice bridge, turned around and headed for home. I started passing people that went out strong, including one lady who insisted on running with me, but then hated it when I kept running. I warned her...anyway, she ended up walking most of the way back, from what I could tell. Hope she didn't injure herself. Crossed the finish line strong - my marathon clinic instructor was there, and he commented on both my form (excellent) and the fact that I looked strong and ready to go out again at the finish line. I am a very good actress!! LOL!! My time wasn't far off from last year's (2:48:34) and since I haven't run this far since October 17th, I'll take it and be damn proud.

The medal is now resting with my other Half medals on my display rack, purchased from Allied Steel. I may have to order another, as it's already getting full. Five Half medals on one side, and the 3 Fulls on the other. It is a cool medal though...very February appropriate.

After an awesome brunch at Fort Calgary (homemade buttermilk biscuits (must stop McDonald's song from entering head), homemade jam, real scrambled eggs, roasted, chunky hash browns, the BEST.BACON.EVER and some mixed, fresh fruit, loads of coffee and juice), I met up with friend E. at her house (the Fort is a quick 5 minute drive from Eau Claire, and then E.'s is another 2 minute drive from the Fort) and had some more coffee and a good visit with her and her husband, who I had gone to hear to sing and play earlier in the week, with his son Ben. Small, freaking world.

On the way home from E's, I was thinking about supper (it was almost 5, after all) and what to eat, when I came upon Sunterra. Since my little jog earned me 40 activity points (yeah, baby!), I picked up one of the Friday Night Dinners still in the "fast food" section. Which, by this time Saturday is also on sale.

It consisted of:
Spinach Salad, with egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon, cheese and a raspberry vinaigrette.

Followed by dinner of Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo (which wasn't overly saucy, so I don't feel so bad about the choice...okay, it was the only choice!) and garlic focaccia bread.

Dessert was a lovely fruit tart. At first I was expecting some custard or cheesecake filling, but it was all fruit. I think there were strawberries (besides the honking one on top), blueberries and maybe raspberries?

I am now full, and continuing to rehydrate...I had roughly 3 litres of water yesterday in preparation for today (and no, I still don't stop on races) and have replenished about two of those so far today. Watching The Bourne Identity for the 1,000th time (mmmmm....Matt Damon) and then I think an evening of chilling is in order. The best part of running a race today?? No run club tomorrow morning for me!!! Yeehaw...sleep-in day!


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