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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A real quickie

If you ever have the opportunity to listen to John Stanton of the Running Room speak, do it. Take the time...he is engaging, funny, personable, intelligent, real and oh, so very motivating. And a really, really nice guy who remembered meeting me at the Toronto Goodlife package pick-up, where I was with about a million (okay, so maybe not THAT many) other people. His first words when he came in the room were "we've met before, haven't we?". His talk tonight was to a very large group, about starting up a fitness program, in conjunction with Calgary Coop and the Get Fit weekend in Kananaskis. It's too bad it's the weekend before I fly to Montreal, because I would love to do this. Maybe next year.

Anyway, left home at 4:30 to head to boot camp, walked in the door at 10pm. Time for bed!


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