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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dueling Digital Devils

According to my scale this morning, I was down .8 from my weight (at home) last Thursday. Nothing changed as far as the morning goes (WW "uniform" of light dress pants, t-shirt, glass of milk and a latte), yet their devil had me up .6.'s only .6, but still...a little consistency, please! There are times that there is a 3 pound difference between my scale at home and theirs (and I use a WW digital scale) yet today, the difference was .4. No point's done, it's recorded, I've moved on.

Flash back to run club last night: The paths were still a tad slick in places, and we had a 10km Tempo to churn out. I actually had people running with me last night, although one admitted that she "stars slow" before finding her stride...she left us at about the halfway mark. We continued on, at a bit slower tempo pace than we should. I just haven't got my "sea" legs back, it seems, but I am working on it. However, just after the 7km mark, my body said it was done for the night. And as someone who has been running/booting for quite some time now, I have learned to listen closely to my body. So, giving the other two the option to join me (they continued on) I crossed over the river and finished just under 8km in an hour. I had eaten during the day, and even had dinner before I left (lemon egg pasta with chicken, this week - see...same Wednesday meal as last too...darn digital devils...moving on...I swear!) but I was just beat.

Because of the run (and lack of energy), I came to the decision that I have to start another 21-day habit-forming challenge...flossing - 2+ years and going strong...night-time make-up/facial routine - 50+ days and going why not this? Sleeping! What a concept!!! So, my 21 day challenge will be to be IN BED by 10 pm (oops...cutting it close tonight) and 11pm on Friday/Saturday, so that I can do my best to get 7+ hours of sleep a night. I sit up all night, putter around, go to bed after 11, fall asleep around midnight and then when the alarm goes off at 5:30, I do not want to get out of bed. It has to stop...after all, more sleep will mean more success with weight-loss (can't eat while sleeping! LOL!!) and running. Both of which I will succeed with this year!

After meeting (which, oddly enough, as about staying on program and getting over any humps or set-backs) I went to my usual deli, only to find out it was closed. AGAIN! They've been closed all week, without any explanations. Sucks! I was thinking Chinese (Gung Hay Fat Choy, to all my Asian readers) and the deli would have fixed that, as I would fill up on salad and maybe a piece of ginger beef to help with the craving. I ended up getting some really fresh salmon sashimi (yes, the raw stuff without all the rice to get in the way!), a dynamite roll, edamame and miso soup instead.

Came home, changed and got my sweat on at boot camp. It was another leg-a-licious leg-a-thon, with hundreds of squats and lunges on the menu! And just enough arms and core to make sure they didn't feel left out. Hobbled out after the hour, came home, threw a chicken breast that has been marinating in evoo and dry Epicure Herb & Garlic dip mix for the last day or so into my toaster oven, along side a pot of fingerling potatoes, acorn squash, Brussels sprouts and carrots, all tossed with evoo and Epicure Fines Herbs. Set to roast, changed and went off to fix the shower in one of the suites. I feel so like Schneider some days! Came back, and enjoyed my roasted goodness plate with a side of cherry tomatoes. The chicken was SO GOOD! Will definitely do that again...moist and tender. Yum.

Just finished a bowl of Multigrain cheerios with UVAB, as I was still feeling hungry (when hungry, and yes, ask yourself the question "Am I hungry?", then eat) but am now completely satisfied.

Okay, must shut down if I'm off to floss and primp and go to t-11 minutes and counting.


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