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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ooooo, lazy me

Woke up, without the alarm, at 9, after finally crashing around 11 last night. Legs felt great, ankle feels'd almost not know I ran 21.1km yesterday morning. However...that being said, I literally spent the day on the couch! Okay, so I got up and walked the 15' to my kitchen to refill my coffee or poke my head in the fridge, looking for something magical to eat, but other than that...nada, zippo, zilch. Even ended up having a nap at one point! Oh does a body good to rest every now and then.

After wasting the day, I did get all gussied up for the Youth Singers of Calgary Hearts 4 Arts Gala. L., that I work with, got tickets through one the VP's of our company who is closely involved with the Youth Singers (I think he sits on the Board, or something). Anyway, it was sold as a Valentine's party, but her husband doesn't like these sort of things, so I went as her date instead. The evening involved schmoozing with a whole bunch of fellow employees (there were quite a lot of us there!), drinks, bidding on some awesome silent auction items (wrought-iron wine rack filled with wine and crystal stemware, for example...or hockey tickets, flat-screen TV, gift baskets galore, original pieces of art...amazing, very top-of-the-line type stuff), a 5-course meal (spring salad, minestrone soup, two types of cannelloni, filet mignon (O.M.G!), spring vegetables and gelato) wine at the tables and entertainment all night long. There are some extremely talented people living in this town. And some really generous ones too! Just on the live auction items alone almost $40,000 was donated. One lady I work with bid $4,000 for two tickets to go see U2 in Miami...includes airfare and hotel, but holy!! I don't have enough money to go see them play in Edmonton, for crying out loud! One of the cool items was a chance to fly in a fighter jet, just like Top Gun. Too bad I would immediately vomit and completely ruin the experience! Oh, that and I didn't have $5,000 floating around to bid with! There was one piece of art that I was willing to go out on a limb for, but was quickly outbid by one of the other VP's that really, really wanted it. He hovered...I did not!

So home now, and thinking about heading for bed. I've had a couple of glasses of wine, and am feeling mellow (I had a ride, BTW) so hopefully will drop right off to sleep and not toss and turn because of my earlier nap(s). Okay...there "may" have been more than one nap. Just sayin'


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