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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tempo run and tunes

Last night was a late one...I didn't get home until well after 11pm, totally blowing my "in bed by 10pm" challenge this week. But it was for a good reason.

First the day: It was COLD in Calgary again yesterday, but at least the snow has stopped. It's an extra workout walking in, as you have to Sherpa up and over all the snow piles at the intersections and through the loose snow on the ice-covered roads. I am seriously feeling it in my butt today. Booty-burn, indeed. Food was off, as I was lazy (McDonald's on Monday did not have leftovers!) and tired, so breakfast was a veggie egg burrito (no more Chorizo (for a while, anyway)) which is just scrambled eggs, green pepper, onion, tomato and cheese in a tortilla wrap. Served with salsa, it's a yummy way to start my day. Lunch at the deli didn't appeal, so I wandered off to see if Marcello's were open again. They were not. Boo...and they have yet to reply to my query as to when they are going to reopen for business. Double boo...may have to enforce an all out Marcello's boycott! I ended up getting the spinach pie dinner at Jimmy the Greeks, which was way less points than I figured. Turns out they have nutritional information posted online, and the lunch works out to 11 points. I had it well over 16-17 when I broke it down. Yay!

Came home, noshed on some pita chips and dip and then fell asleep on the couch! Oops!!! Woke in a panic (still had time before clinic) so got up and made a fast supper from the Jump Start menu in Self. I tried the Lentil Stew. Basically it's eggplant, mushrooms, lentils, spinach, cilantro and lime juice. Sounds bland, but I added some S&P. Although I'm thinking some cumin next time would take it to the next level, but a quick look at the recipes have them all pretty "spice" free...Jillian got something against flavour?!

We were to attempt Time Trials last night, but with the recent snow and cold, it's postponed yet again as it's just too dangerous. So after the class gathered with the Half group, they did yoga instead. I am not into yoga, so I and another pacer wandered off to chat and wait for the group so we could run. Yoga in a small room with 60+ people all dressed to run outside in negative temps did not appeal at all! Once the group finished, we went out for a 5-6km tempo. Judging the pathways though, I slowed my group (okay, myself and one other runner) to steady pace, so that we didn't end up hurting ourselves. Finished a nice 5.5km run in 42 minutes, and it felt good for us both (E. has been having knee issues). Tonight is supposed to be a 10km tempo, but there were patches of ice the NHL would be happy to skate on across the whole path, so again, I'll hold us (if there's an us...could just be a me) to a steady pace, to build the mileage, not the speed.

My first (of ten) races is on Saturday (the Hypothermic Half) and I'm excited because it appears I may be running in positive temps for the first time in forever. I won't know how to dress!!! However, the race officials have had to change to course, rather drastically, and there's still many hazards out there. Asked who was going to go out ahead with a bucket of sand, but no one has volunteered. Oh well, I'm not running it for the time, just to get my head and body back into race mode. And for the brunch!! Wicked, wicked, wicked (the buttermilk biscuits worth running for ALONE!) good brunch is included afterwards.

I ate some more Lentil Stew, but am kind of hungry (I've sat here and waited since 12:18, and had some water, just to make sure I'm really hungry and not bored) so I'm going to wander downstairs and see what they've got to nosh on. I do have a whack of points left for the day (low point breakfast and lunch) so I'm not worried about going over.


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Tricia said...

The lentil stew sounds great!

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