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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stuff and things

Realized that I totally forgot to say why I was out so late last night. I went to listen to this man. He is super talented, and if I could find the link for the video he did with his son learning to walk, covering the Be Happy song, I'll post it as well. Anyway, it was a CD launch, and I got to see him, his Dad (who I know through friend E.) and his wife, who used to live across the hall from me, and who I know through the acting community in Calgary. Two extremely talented people who got together and made a pair of the cutest babies ever. That's a lot coming from me! Anyway, check out his videos. His cover of At Last made me want to find a man and get married last night, just so I could dance to it.

Conquered a fear last night too...I am hugely uncomfortable entering a "bar" alone. Even if I am meeting people, it's just a thing I have. Raised that "good girls" don't hang at bars on their own, I guess. Not sure what it is, but I took a deep breath, pulled up the big-girl panties and in I went. This place was an old movie theatre back in the day (like the '20's and 30's days) and has gone through many transformations before becoming the Ironwood Stage and Grill. It's nice to see a place dedicated to promoting live music, and local musicians at that. There's a lot of talent in this town, and I'm glad they've got a place to go.

Ended up eating most of the Lentil Stew from Self magazine for lunch today, although I was still hungry afterwards. Will need to throw in some brown rice next time to help up the protein ante, since lentils need the combo to truly work as a protein. But it was quick and easy and all right, taste wise. I did pick up some halibut this week, so I'll try that stew next. It did look good. Sorry for the bad picture, but I just could not get it, the magazine and my camera to get along. This, sadly, was the best of the bunch.

Tonight was another tempo run, but again, the pathways were treacherous, so I didn't push the pace. Felt a bit like I was holding people up tonight...when will they understand that I am also a pacer...I'm just pacing myself! What ever...I run for me and me alone. If they don't like it, too darn bad. I was so tired though. Getting to bed after midnight combined with a chill setting in resulted in me getting about 3 hours of zzz's last night. But I soldiered on and finished the 10km, albeit slightly slower than my paces of last season. Again, with all the snow and ice, I don't mind going slower, if it means I'm injury-free. 10km in 1 hour and 18 minutes, average pace of 7:50/km and heart rate of 163. A tad high, but that could be a result of being tired.

Had one pint after running, and then home. Just finishing up my post, updating my training in my Running Room logs, shutting everything down and going to bed. BTW, despite last night's lateness, I still did the full night-time routine of cleaning my face, flossing, moisturizing, etc. It's a habit now.

One last note: opened the MasterCard bill this month, and all down the transactions were multiple payments to the Running Room and Events On far I've dropped just over $500 for races this year, and there's still a few left to register for. Someone was trying to talk me into a 14km trail run for my June race...tempting...never done one before. We'll see...

Okay, that's it for the night.


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