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Sunday, February 27, 2011


The big debate today was whether we were running 16 or 19km. Turns out to be 16, which is right on schedule for Calgary. Same run as last week, but the temps were a little kinder this week. In fact, I worried that I overdressed and was going to be too toasty. But I survived, and we have a great LSD run, averaging (with walk breaks) 8:04/km. The sun was shining, the paths were packed and the birds were singing. All in all, a perfect day for a run.

Stopped for coffee and an egg sandwich afterwards, and visited with everyone for about an hour or'd think none of us had anything to do on a Sunday, or was it that we were all playing work avoidance?! I finally came home, changed and managed to throw my very stinky running gear in the wash. If I didn't do it, I think they would have walked themselves downstairs...getting a little rank, truth be told! I also had a wee dish-washing marathon, as I've sadly let things pile up of late. And then I wonder why I don't cook dinner...oh, yeah, that's right. Can't find the sink or the stove!! Problem solved. Dinner did turn into a bake, last minute, as I hadn't cleaned the pots I needed for pasta and sauce, so I did a one-pot dish of sauerkraut, sausage and whole wheat perogies. The pots are ready to be washed now, so it'll most definitely be pasta for supper tomorrow night.

Watching the Oscars...seriously, what is all the hype about James Franco?? Open your eyes, man!!! Maybe I'm just too old, but he's just...m-eh. Squinty and m-eh. In fact, other than Billy Crystal, who I love and who should host FOREVER, the whole show has been rather m-eh. Glad it's on earlier, so I don't lose any sleep going to be too late. Of course, they have 12 minutes to wrap this bad boy up, and what two awards left? Could actually be a record this year!

Well, that's it for me. Nothing too exciting today, or even this week, really. Same old, same old.


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