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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Slow day

Didn't really end up doing much, mainly due to "foggy-latent-headacheness". I did manage to do a minor repair in one of the suites (I am a force to be reckoned with, when armed with a screwdriver and hammer!), 3 loads of laundry (damn downtown businesses that don't shovel and just put down pants all look like leopard prints) and a brief walk to the post office. While a lot cooler than yesterday, it still felt good to go outside. Just hope that wind dies down in the was howling pretty good there a few times.

After a small nap on the couch, I woke up feeling even more foggy. And when foggy, what does one do? Let's see, I had bread with light cream cheese and Saskatoon berries, multigrain cheerios (dry, straight out of the box) and hunted around for other things to nosh on. Luckily I don't keep things like chips or cookies in the house, so I turned to water. That helped. Then I poured my leftover Chinese into the pot, and added some raw shrimp. Thickened with a little cornstarch, heated up the brown rice in the microwave (those Uncle Ben single serving cups are awesome) and sat down to dinner.

Loads of veggies: broccoli from the beef, and then the mixed veggies (zucchini, snow peas, carrots, mushrooms, celery and onions), although I just realized there wasn't any baby corns. Ripped off!! And I'm now thinking I should have added a tin of water chestnuts, for added crunch. But I did really like the cashews that were tossed in. They turn so soft and meaty when warmed up in the sauce. full, and drinking water in preparation for tomorrow morning's run. Not sure what route we'll be doing yet, but it appears that we'll be running in light snow, wind and cold. Remind me again why I signed up for marathon training in January?!?! At least next week's Half looks like it'll have nice weather...that's if things don't change. It does come with an awesome brunch afterwards though, so it'll be worth it, regardless of the temperatures. Last year it was cold, and after running the first wave, I went back out and directed the runners in the second wave through the course. I was a popsicle by the time I made it back in for brunch. Still worth it!'s getting close to 10. I didn't do bad Thursday night (lights were out at 10:09) and last night was right around 11:30. So we'll aim for the same tonight, as the alarm will go off at 6:30 for run club. My goal is 7+ hours a night, every night, for the next week. I can do anything for one week.


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