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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mixed boot camp

Got to boot camp at the church, where Trainer Josh was was his "boss". I don't like his boss...she subbed for him once for a class and she was rather...rude is a little strong, but I didn't get the warm fuzzies from her. Oh, she knows what she's doing, but Josh makes it fun. She makes it work. I don't pay to work...I pay to have fun. Granted, some of you are probably thinking "you call running while weight training and pushing till you puke FUN?!?!" and I have to honestly answer yes. Not necessarily the work itself, but I do love to sweat, and I can say with Josh, you almost always have a smile on your face, as he counts down in silly voices, sings everything from the Lion King to Rush and generally motivates to do your very best. I think the biggest issue with his boss is that she reminds of every jock-girl I went to school with, who made me miserable for being too fat, too slow, too ugly (apparently that is a key factor in sports...who knew??), too wheezy (yes, the asthma was being's still being fake specialist gives me fake meds just so I can continue to fake with it!), too tall, too short...the list goes on.

Anyway, after getting over the shock that she was not leaving (gag) and that most of the class actually was her group (only 2 others from Josh's bothered to showed up) we started with step ups or skipping rope. Then we moved on to running the room, but not ordinary running (and no, we did side shuffle, high knees, twisty-turny things...she was running the group, by the way. Josh was very fact, he's not himself in front of her. At least not that I noticed. Then, after the warm-up, we split up into two groups. One (mine) went up to the little gym in the church with Josh (who finally "showed" up) and the rest stayed down with her. With Josh, we did a lot of upper body, repeating a lot of what we did on Thursday. I'm lucky I can type today! After about 25 minutes, the groups switched and we were back down with her. Sigh... We did a lot of sprints, side shuffles, skiers (bounce backwards - because we all know that's the direction skiers go in when they go side to side like that!), skaters, jumping jacks (again backwards...not so easy!) before we started weights. She seemed disappointed that Josh had us doing push-ups upstairs, so we did burpees (FRICKIN' HATE THESE THINGS!), and walk-outs (squat, hands to floor, walk out till body straight, walk back in, stand up), alternating 10/9/8 etc of each - start with walk outs, sprint, burpees, sprint, etc. We then did several other moves, alternating each time, with the teacher's pet demonstrating each move (this girl appeared to be using 20 pound weights...she kind of scared me!!!) but the boss is preggers, so she's not doing a lot of demonstrating these days.

Ended the class late (that's after starting early) with some core work (supermans and swimmers) and then hobbled home. I will pray for good weather, so that our Friday class will be outside where it belongs...I just did not enjoy the boss section of the workout, and it was all purely emotional, not physical. Too many flashbacks! Once I got home, I ate supper of turkey meatloaf on chiabatta with cheese, carrots and tomatoes. Simple and fast.

Okay, must change and get ready for Zumba. Apparently the boss is supposed to be there again today, but it had only better be to take the class. If she starts to run it, I'm leaving.



Cowgirl Warrior said...

I wonder if it was the boss that I had when I tried that boot camp in Prince's Island. I bailed on the bootcamp because of her. I'm happy for you that you have a leader you enjoy.

Carol said...

Would have been a different one, as they are franchises, and she has mainly southwest Calgary (Tuscany, Edworthy Park, Glenmore Park, Strathcona) but not downtown. I was very lucky to get Josh right from the start, as I don't think I would have continued had it been with someone else.

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