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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weather head

Went to bed with it last night and it's still hanging on this afternoon, despite painkillers. A good, old-fashioned "the weather is rapidly changing" headache. For me, it starts in my sinuses, sets in behind my eyes and then takes up roots at the base of my skull. To quote Arnie "it's not a toomaw" but I do wish that it would just go away. I am feeling incredibly lethargic today as a result, and am finding it hard to do anything other than wander from the couch to the kitchen to get more coffee.

I thought Thursday's boot camp was all about the legs, but was reminded of how much ab work we did when I sneezed! I swear I almost blacked out!! So last night, just for kicks, we did even more ab work, and leg work to boot. It was hard to find a dry space (class was outside - so nice that it's not getting dark until after 6 these days) but Trainer Josh put us through our paces. Only 4 showed up for a butt-kicking, but we all put in the effort of 10, I swear. We did a circuit where we started on our mats (after a 2km-ish warm up run) with push-ups, before jumping up and sprinting a quick lane up and back. Then push-ups, drop leg flies, sprint. Then repeat, adding v-sit shoulder press, sprint, repeat, adding curls...on and on it went. Then we started to drop stuff off at the front, while adding to the end - extensions, squats, sprinters (like mountain climbers, only head up, butt down, like you're at the start of a race), holding plank...the good times ensued. The best part of the evening was the side-walking squats while doing lat raises. Then the Zombie lunges (think Michael Jackson's Thriller walk with full lunges and weights!). I think it's actually amazing that I managed to get out of bed this morning.

I did finally succumb to my Chinese food cravings, and will just say it's my duty to celebrate Chinese New Year, as it is my year (water rabbit, here) and, well, I really like Chinese. Just don't eat it a lot these days. I did may wise choices (I think), going with mixed veg and cashews, beef & broccoli (with carrots and onions), Shanghai noodles with 3 kinds of seafood (shrimp, scallops and squid) and my personal favourite, Salt & Pepper Squid. I ate all of that last night, had the rest of the noodles for lunch this afternoon and will mix the veggies and beef together, along with some brown rice for supper tonight. Yum. Although the salt content was a little high (combined with more salmon and tuna sashimi for lunch yesterday), as I'm feeling a tad on the puffy side today. Will have to increase my water content, although I did have over 3 litres yesterday alone.

going to go for a little walk in the snow...yes, it has started to fall here in Calgary and they are calling for up to 20cm (another 8") by Monday. The temp has been steadily falling all day, although it appears to be holding at 0C (32F) right now. I am so looking forward (insert sarcastic tone here) to tomorrow morning's run in -17C (about 0F) and snow. Took 4 days for my quads to get over last Sunday's romp in the snow. But my goal is to hit and maintain a good Sunday pace between 8:00 and 8:30/km. It's a little slower than the 5-hr pace, but perfect for the conditions.

Off to medicate some more and then to the post office to pick up my season's 1-5 of Criminal Minds. It was an impulse buy, but I do love that show. Think I know what I'm doing tonight!


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