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Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have to echo H-woman's title here. It is just gosh-darn COLD out there!! In fact it's colder in Calgary than it is in Inuvik...which is AT.THE.FREAKING.NORTH.POLE!!!!! But what do you do?? I live in Canada, where it snows and it gets cold. Life goes on. I will say that my face was a tad numb by the time I got to work this morning. It's the only exposed part (I can't tolerate things covering my mouth, so I rarely wear scarves) and it has full feeling now, and no tell-tale white bits, so survived another day.

Boot camp tonight was HARD...Josh was feeling extra specially tough tonight, so we did 25 minutes of legs, 20 minutes of arms and then abs to finish. This is after running laps to warm up. It was so hot though, I begged for one of the doors of the hall to be opened. I think that lasted about 10 minutes before someone else went over and closed it. Seriously, I looked like I had heat stroke! I was willing to trade spots to be closer to the blessed fresh air, but I was outvoted. Sad for me. Hot/cold...I know, make up my mind!

Since it was so cold, all I wanted for supper was tomato soup and grilled cheese (thanks Jaime...) so I swung into Safeway on the way home (also bought salad and more baby carrots, chiabatta bread and marble cheese for the sammich) and picked up the Safeway Organics Creamy Garden Tomato Soup. It was a little high in fat, and works out to 14pts for the container but it was warm and all I wanted. Besides, between walking, boot camp and shovelling the walks (just as my back was getting better, darn it!), I earned it!! Hit the spot, as did the grilled cheese and ham on chiabatta. Yum, yum, yum... Also had a side of green olives, which is a must with grilled cheese. Growing up, we always sliced the olives and cooked them right in the sandwiches, but tonight just on the side. My faves...
It's amazing, despite the cold, how many people are at Thursday's WW meeting. You can barely find a seat, and I was there a good 15 minutes early. Crazy... Anyway, lost what I found last week, but I'm just going to ride the momentum and keep it up into next week. I never did sit down and plan a menu, so that is a goal for this weekend, so I can be sure that I have everything on Sunday. Nothing major planned for the weekend, other than Zumba, hair cut/colour (must get hair out of eyes!) and either a 16 or 19km run on Sunday. We are at odds as to which distance we are actually scheduled for. Guess we'll find out on Sunday.

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