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Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday supper

I went and exchanged the blinds at Rona and after 90 minutes of dropped screws, many, many, many F-bombs and a slightly twisted lower back (low roof, long me and a ladder don't mix!), all of the blinds have been successfully installed. I hear one complaint (one set is slightly off center!) and I may just lose it though!

After I got the blinds up, I walked over to Safeway to pick up some healthy eats, as well as something for my birthday dinner. In the past, we've always ordered Chinese, and while that is an option at Safeway, I thought I'd steer clear this time around. Instead, their turkey meatloaf (6 pts for half) caught my eye. I did pick a "decadent" side of their Mac & Cheese (Gourmet, don't you know) for another 8 pts, and rounded out the meal with some very fresh, and very sweet grape tomatoes.

Dessert was a mini pecan pie. Just missing the candles.
That's it for me. Going to pack up the rest of the mac and turkey loaf for lunch tomorrow, and add some carrots and snap peas for veggies. Must make a pot of oatmeal, as the steel-cut oats are the most filling for breakfast, but do take some time to make.
Thanks for all the birthday's been a grand one.

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