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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Walking at Running Clinic

Thanks to the "slight" twisting of my back yesterday, putting up the blinds, I walked at Running Clinic tonight. Hoping it settles down for tomorrow race is in just under 3 weeks. Yesterday's Chinook was just that...a single day affair, and we're back into a deep freeze. That made tonight's walk darn cold! And slick, as icing sugar snow has been falling off and on all day. It made for some very slippery parts, but I remained upright and finished 3km in just over 33 minutes.

Tonight's speaker was a Physio dude that I actually met socially when he first came to Canada, almost 20 years ago now! It was great to see him, and he gave an awesome talk about the affects of stretching and orthotics and such on running (ZILCH!) and the real component of running injury free (heart rate). It was quite enlightening, and now I am anxious to go get my heart rate tested for real. The math formula just doesn't cut it anymore (220- your age)...since this is the third or fourth person I've heard this from, there must be some truth to it. I'm also going to try and track my resting heart rate for the next week, but I am a bit out of it in the mornings and tend not to remember to check it until I've already got up, walked around and generally done anything but "rest". It all interests me, and if it can keep me injury free and running faster, it's all good.

Came home, after having a coffee with the gang, and finally ate supper at 9pm. I had quinoa (it's buried under everything!), salmon and roasted fennel with red pepper and olives. This was a recipe from the Self magazine, which again was simple to throw together and quick to cook. I think it came out to 11 points for everything (including evoo), which is decent for dinner.
I am ready to hit the hay. Just need to take something for the back and do some soft stretching to try and work the twist out...side note: someone called tonight to say that their blinds were broken and that they needed a new set. I almost burst into tears! Anyway, that's it for me.

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