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Monday, February 7, 2011

Medical update??

Of course, if you've got an appointment booked that involves you driving over 10km one way to pick someone up, return said 10+km for the appointment and then drop said person off back off 10km, only to return back to where you started, then by all means make that a day that your city gets over 20cm (8") of snow! There is a reason why I walk to work every day! I HATE TRAFFIC!!

Left work at 1:30 (after getting in at 6:30 and working through lunch) to fight the snow and traffic to go get Mom for her appointment with the doctor. Trouble is, none of us really knew what this appointment was discuss a letter from the Seniors Centre (which by our last conversation sounded like they were washing their hands of Mom) or Mom's blood work test results...guess we'll find out when we get there. The drive to her place took almost 45 minutes, which did not bode well for getting back downtown (2 blocks from where I work, BTW) but we made it. We did meet the woman that will be Mom's doctor and she seemed genuinely concerned about what was going on with the Seniors Centre and the lack of response from them. She's going to do some more digging and get back to us. And the blood work all came back okay, except Mom needs Folic acid. Which you get from fruits and vegetables...not cookies, chocolates and jelly beans. Or little pills that we picked up tonight!

Stopped by the grocery store to stock Mom up, where she announced that she wanted McDonald's for supper. We shared some fries and I had a Big Mac. With the hour shoveling job I did tonight, and the flex points, I'm okay, but want to really focus on food tomorrow. Mom also wanted to buy some cheeseburgers to freeze, for future suppers. Ewwww...not sure how they'll work out, but okay. Funny thing is by the time we got home, and unpacked the groceries, Mom asked what I wanted for about the Big Mac we just ate?! Oh, right...I'm not sure if she was hungry (couldn't finish her sandwich) because she asked two more times what was for supper. At least I know there is food in her house, and if she's hungry, she'll find it.

Came home, 5 hours after I left work, and went out to tackle the walks. It's official...we have too much snow!! The main walkway runs between two buildings, so we both push the snow out and pile it on the little patch of grass in the middle. However, that pile is now over 6' tall, and I just couldn't heave the snow up and over any more tonight. And I had a very deep pile, about 45' long to push out. For now, it is pushed up against the building. I'm hoping when it warms this week that a) it just melts or b) I can start hauling it to the front yard bit by bit. Probably will be a combination of the two. Came in nice and sweaty from the workout, and while watching Village on a Diet, I did get step one of my bedtime routine done (face washed, eye makeup removed). I just have to cream up, floss and brush and hit the sack. Made it by 10:30 last night, and I'm thinking 10:15 tonight is a good goal.

To that end, good night!


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