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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weather woes

Last night's run: +4C, nice evening.
Tonight's run: -18C, snow and ice.
The difference 24 hours make. Running on the paths with all the ice/slush patches was bad enough last night, but now everything was covered with a light layer of snow, making slick downright dangerous. And COLD! I dressed for it, even felt a little hot at times, but the lady running with me did not. We ended up coming in early (7.76km vs. the 10km on schedule) but we also didn't really run...right is the word I'm looking for. It's interesting...I'm a pacer and she's a pacer, and as far as I can tell, we're both at the same pace. So we pace each other, basically. However, we're out to do a Tempo (2km warm-up, 6km at tempo (described as the pace where you almost want to vomit) and then 2km cool-down) and I thought since the paths were bad, we'll do a steady instead. However, her first question was "are we doing 10:1's?" Is it Sunday??? But to keep someone company, we ran 10:1's and bailed early. Hmmm...not sure how I feel about this, actually. I do hope the snow/ice clears up soon, as I want to get back to my 5-hour pacing again. I need to start picking it up and getting back into form. Next race is 23 days away, and I want to be in good form again, although the Hypo felt good on the weekend.

Didn't go for a walk in the Vibrams at lunch, as it was just cold and miserable and I was dressed a bit like a girly-girl today.
Proved that at 47 (okay, 48 is just 5 days away!) I am still pretty hip and happenin'. At least in my mind! This is the dress/top I picked up yesterday, and which I wore with girly, peek-a-boo shoes and leggings. Ummm...there's more damage to my feet today after a few hours of girly shoes than I had after running for almost 3 hours on Saturday!! How do women wear those torture devices day in and day out?! I even switched shoes (TWICE!) before settling into my totally inappropriate for this outfit but comfy loafers for the afternoon.
Anyway, because of the tights, I stayed in the office and continued to work on my tax project. About 500 forms down, 900 to go...
All right, I'm tired and going to bed.

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