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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Foray into barefootedness...

Things to note when trying Vibrams:
- toes do not know how to go into a glove like fingers do. Toes like to stick together...
- one should be certain that one's toenails are clipped, pre-Vibrams. The feeling of a nail being pulled at is not a pleasant one.
- feet stay warm in Vibrams, at least when wearing the technical toe socks inside (the white on the right). At least my feet did.
I am starting slowly, of course. Went for a short walk at lunch, and will do the same tomorrow. And then I'm going to take them to boot camp on Thursday, along with my runners, in case my feet/legs get fatigued.
Good day today...while walking at lunch I found the cutest dress/long top and then while shopping for tights for it, I got two pairs for shoes at Payless. It was BOGO and an AMA discount, so what was a good deal became a wicked deal.
Tonight's clinic talk was nutrition...this nutritionist is very good: she just ran the Goofy, so really understands food from a runner's perspective and not just because that's what she learned in school. Although she's also the one that ruined chocolate milk for me...7 tsp of sugar in one cup...I am still sad about that! Then we went out for a 6km tempo. The paths were still pretty nasty, and given the melt/freeze over the last few days, even worse in some spots. But we took it nice and steady, walked through the really rough spots and finished at a perfectly decent 7:45 pace overall.
Must go to bed early, right after Glee. The 10pm rule didn't go very well last week, so I will simply refocus and start again. Each journey begins with just one step, after all.

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