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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yay Spring

We are less than 12 hours from the official first day of spring, and the City of Calgary and most of southern Alberta is under a Heavy Snowfall Warning! Seriously?! My 10k race is going to be! As is the other 16k I need to get in, to keep in line with marathon training. Getting so weary of running in the snow and cold. At least it won't be "that" cold tomorrow (-4C) but'd be nice to run in some sunshine and worry about other things besides slipping and falling on ice.

Had a great boot camp last night, which is what I needed after my fries craving fiasco of Thursday, and lunch yesterday. My sort-of boss (I am in accounting, but do reporting and such for him, as he's the Director of Technical Operations) took me for lunch, to thank me for the massive, complex and really quickly pulled together reports he needed for meetings with all the VP's. We went to the local Chinese place that does a wicked lunch buffet. Oh, how I heart their salt & pepper squid and ginger beef. I did indulge, but also made sure that there were as many pieces of broccoli and carrots and other vegs on my plate as there were fried things. And I had fresh watermelon for dessert. Full and satisfied. Boot camp involved a mini-barfy trail, as we ran with our weights, stopping at various stations to mix in lunges, squats, shoulder presses, curls, skaters, etc. Finished the day on the mats, where we got to watch another boot camp show up, making me ever so thankful for Trainer Josh, as the others were all dressed up (um...St. Paddy's day was THURSDAY) and sang songs and clapped to get warmed up. Seriously, I hugged Trainer Josh for his no-nonsense approach to fitness!!!!

Today's Zumba class was fun, fun, fun. I am sad because I will miss next week (Half marathon instead) and the next round won't start until April 16th. But I shook what my mama gave me, and tried to make my hips look less Irish and more Latin. Not sure how successful that was, but in my mind, I looked awesome! I have signed up for the next 6 weeks and for the next round of boot camp as well, which will return to the great outdoors!!! No more circles in the community hall...bring on the pathways, trails and grassy fields. It's about time.

Went to the Farmer's market today, where I stocked up on steel cut oats (such a deal there) and some quinoa, yellow carrots, Saskatoon berries, fresh tomatoes, basil and two fresh soups, Carrot/Ginger and a Tomato/Spinach. They look really good, and I can't decide which one to have for supper tonight. Then off to the electronics store to try and find a USB port that will fit my phone (fail - he recommended another store, but I just didn't have it in me to fight more people/traffic) and came home with a multi-USB port for my hard-drive (turns 1 port into 4) and a carry case for my notebook, but I think it's too small. Had a nap and am now trying to figure out what else beside soup for supper. I need to fuel up for tomorrow, after all.

Okay...I'm watching the skies (so far, clear and blue) and keeping my fingers crossed that the snow holds off till noon tomorrow. Then most of the runners will be done with their day.


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