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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Springing ahead

Normally I am very good about things. You see, I actually hate daylight savings this time of year. Fall back...I'm all over that! But spring ahead and lose an hours sleep??? Hate it. For whatever reason, I went to bed last night and forgot to set my clock ahead. Maybe I'm getting too used to everything doing it automatically (cell phones, Garmins, PVR's, computers). Alarm went off at 7, and I sat there trying to decide whether I was going running or not. Hamstring/hip was still sore, and I just couldn't see me pushing another 23km on it. Then I received a text from one of the other pacers, to say he was sick and not going. But I stared at the time, wondering how on earth he could send me a text at 7:47am, while I was reading it at 7:09am. Took a second, and then the "holy crap, I'm late!" set in! I got dressed, wolfed down 3 spoonfuls of oatmeal (which I had cooked yesterday...not bad cold), a glass of milk and a banana and was out the door by 8:25. Running club starts at 8:30!!! Got downtown (after hitting pretty much on the way), parked, paid, and raced upstairs only to see the whole group was running a little late and I didn't miss the gang leaving without me. Hooked up with my 5-hour peeps (E. and K.) and warned them I was going to have a slow run, due to the sore hip/hamstring. It was still a tad chilly too, but in a hurry I grabbed my capris and a long tech shirt under my running coat. No hat, no gloves...did remember water and gel, thank goodness.

We took off, heading west like usual, but we were at least going to mix it up this morning. The warmth of yesterday caused some serious melting on the pathways, and we spent a lot of the time avoiding small skating rinks and puddles covered with a thin layer of ice. Rule #1 was no one fall! I did not have the strength to carry anyone back!! After heading west, crossing the river at Crowchild, we crossed back at Edworthy, to run up the hill. The very long, rather steep, windy, effing hill!! I walked it, which did appear to help my hamstring/hip thing a bit. After reaching the top, we went east along Spruce Drive, with the intention of linking up at the top of the Douglas Fir trail, taking it back down to the river and Crowchild. Sadly, after seeing the other pace groups come back towards us, we found out the trail was impassable, and after looping around a crescent, we went back up Spruce Drive (which has a very low grade to it, but up hill all the same), and ran back down Edworthy road. Normally I love to run down this hill, opening up the legs and letting gravity do all the work, but with a sore body, loose gravel and thin layers of ice/water all over it, I took it very easy this time. Now we were returning east, along the same boring route we do every.single.weekend (including yesterday's 10km race). We were told to continue on the Langevin, but the turn-around on Spruce must have added some km's, as we ended up crossing at Prince's Island, doing a short loop through it and finishing at 23.02km, as planned, in just over 3 hours. Perfect long-slow pace for a Sunday, and my hip/hamstring actually feels okay. I will roll it again tonight, and keep up the ibuprofen until I am sure it's fine.

After some quick stretching, I wolfed down an egg wrap (two eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and sprouts on a freaking good!!!), a bowl of fresh fruit salad and chocolate milk in about 2.5 seconds!! Not even certain that I chewed!!! Never, ever again will I go for such a long run on such little food. My OJ/water mix helped, and I did use the gel (Vanilla Gingerbread Gu - ewwww) as I was feeling sluggish around the halfway mark. Felt much better after I ate, and then went for a much needed coffee - could not believe I had gone so long without a cup!

After finishing up with the running gang, I met up with another friend B. and had another coffee and a visit with her, before heading to Mom's to visit and pick up my new notebook and external hard-drive that I ordered from Dell earlier last week. I decided I wanted something that I could take on my travels (like to Montreal in April) and that was small and portable. Will let you know what I think, once I figure out how to get it all set up and running. Finally got home just before 5, still in most of my running gear (I changed my top) and feeling most sweaty and icky. Cleaned up, did a load of laundry, ate some more and am now trying to keep my eyes open long enough to watch the Amazing Race. Not sure how I'll do. Happy Daylight Savings!


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