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Monday, March 28, 2011

This is new...

My lower back is still really tight. It's fine when I'm sitting, standing, walking, laying down. It's just when I TRY to sit, or stand, or lay down that everything seizes tight and hurts. Once I'm up (or down) it's fine. Intriguing, to say the least. I did take a couple of Robaxicet when I got to work, and after spending the morning feeling rather loopy, I decided it is now a night-time only pill!! I did skip boot camp tonight and I am moving better now than I was earlier, so I'm hopeful it's working itself out. But I am looking forward to the solid, drug-induced sleep I'll be having soon!! Other than the back, I feel awesome. This training stuff really pays off, as my legs are not the least bit sore from Saturday's race. I can still remember how I felt after the Vancouver marathon and how I couldn't walk for a week. After Toronto, it was a few days, and I could walk, just not prettily! Keep this up and I'll be dancing after Calgary this year! My running peeps are still trying to convince me to switch to an Ultra this May instead of Calgary, but I'm going to hold firm. I'll make next year the "ultra, trail runs" year....this year, I continue my quest for Boston. Had a lovely dinner of noodles and shrimp rolls with H-woman, getting caught up after our weekend apart (she in Hamilton, me here). Great fun and always good conversation. And, of course, the best Vietnamese this side of Vietnam (I boldly say it is!). I could swim in a bowl of their Pho, and you all know how much I hate swimming!!! That's it for me...time to medicate and sleep. Tempo run beckons tomorrow, and I'm hoping the back cooperates. Later,

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