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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Cold facts of winter (from the Calgary Herald today)
* -9.6° C February's average temperature. Normal is -6.1 C.
* 23.4 February's snowfall in centimetres. Normal is 13.4 cm

There...I'm not crazy!! And we've received 40% more snow this year to date than average. 40%!!!

And March is supposed to continue the weather suck-fest. Good times...awesome, happy good times.



H-woman said...

Nah...just means the ski season is extended! Which is good because I won't be able to get back out there till the end of the month. Unless I take a 'mental health' day!


Carol said...

I don't mind if it snows and is cold in the mountains...I'm tired of running in it here in the city!

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