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Sunday, March 27, 2011

No run Sunday

It felt odd, but at the same time rather glorious, to sleep in this morning. After all, I did my long run, at a much faster pace, yesterday and went 2.1km further to boot, so I deserved a little lay-in. The more I think about yesterday's conditions, the happier I am with my time. Oh, I'm always happy with my time, but given the snow, wind and cool weather, coming in 5 seconds slower than my previous best time is amazing. Imagine what I'll do when the weather is good! After a cup of coffee and some painkillers for my aching back (right above the hips across the lower back...either shovelling has caught up with me or my cold has settled in those muscles), I decided I needed to go for a walk to loosen things up. And where ever should I go? Why, down to Eau Claire to meet up with all the runners for coffee, of course!!!! All in all, I walked just under 7km today, after checking in on Miss Nermal, walking to Eau Claire and to the office briefly to pick something up. Had a nice visit with the gang, and was extra happy I ran yesterday, as the snowfall from last night made the paths even worse than they were. Came home and decided it's now or never to get the walks cleaned up. Try that with a really sore lower back and shovels/scrapers that were built for people a foot shorter than I am. I did pick up some Robaxicet, and took one, praying for instant relief. It did not happen, but I did get the walks done (with some tears, I will admit) and came in and took another. The pain is easing, and I can move, but man, am I sleepy!!! Had a wee nap on the couch watching the news, but I think it was more to avoid the weather forecast, as it appears it will continue to snow here until Tuesday. In fact, while I was finishing up the walks, the flakes were gently making their way to earth...AGAIN!!! Maybe if I just go to sleep until August, the snow will be gone. Of course, I'll miss a lot of races that way...crap. Took all my Chinese leftovers and made a big bowl of Sweet & Sour Palace Style Fried Vegetable Noodles. And made it a tad healthier (hahahahahahaha) by peeling the fried dough off the chicken, and just putting the meat in the mix. Turned out to be one rather tasty little dish. I am hungry again though, so need to forage around for something. I think these back pills work better when you've got something in your belly to cushion the blow. Weekend over and back to work in the am. But only 10 more sleeps and I am in Montreal! Wahoo!!!! Later,

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