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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kicking butt and taking names

It finally stopped snowing today, but just in case you were scared by that, rest assured it has started up again! Phew...I know that had us all panicked that we might actually get to enjoy spring in Calgary this year.

Work was same old, but we did get a little surprise today. Success sharing, meaning I'm going to look for at some new luggage I had my eye on, in time for the trip to Montreal. Money rocks!

Worked a little later, and came home to finally shovel the walks. Oy, what a workout it was. The snow was wet and heavy and totally packed down, but I got it all cleaned off. I can only hope it doesn't accumulate again overnight. I would really rather put the shovel away for the year and pull out the mower, but hope springs eternal.

After a quick discussion about races (nutrition, why we only run 32k on a training run, pre-race eats, etc) we went out to do our usual 6k tempo run. It was just E. and I again tonight, and we totally ROCKED DA HOUSE!!! After warming up, we hit our stride and at one point I actually slowed us down as we were kicking a 6:37 (tempo pace should be 7:07) and we ended up with an average of 7:05 for the whole run, including warm up and cool down. Hips, quads and hammies all feel good. A little stretching, catching up with some past clinic buddies, getting tempted to do other races (say, a 50km, anyone?!) and drinking back some water. Skipping the usual coffee tonight, as last week I was up all night (uh-oh) and didn't enjoy that so much.

Finally home and changed and realized that technically I haven't had supper yet! I had a big lunch, and some lovely fresh fruit at 3ish, but am feeling a little peckish right now. I did wolf down some kind of energy bar that I grabbed before clinic (m-eh) but am thinking that I should have something else, but then again it's past 10pm...maybe just a glass of milk to get me through the night and then focus on breakfast in the morning.

Yeah...that's what I'll do. Hills!


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