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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stempo Pace

So, when you run a bit faster than the steady pace of 7:52 and not nearly fast enough for the tempo pace of 7:07, I hereby call it Stempo Pace. That's what we did tonight.

I cannot believe I went back out into this suck-fest of a winter and ran 10km. Seriously...there is something quite wrong with me!! Others felt it was fine to bail, but there were us die-hards there, layered upon layers to prove we are stronger then the weather. Or something like that. Sadly, because it snowed off and on, and was super windy out (-29C windchill) the paths sucked tonight. I think what the City did was actually move the snow that they removed yesterday and put it BACK ON the pathway, and then added some chunks of ice, bits of rock and other things just to make it fun! The run west wasn't so bad, as the wind was at our back, but as soon as we crossed the river...well, to say it took our breath away was an understatement. I actually had trouble catching mine, and found myself hyperventilating a couple of times. But I just wanted this to end, so I sucked it up (quite literally) and pounded on. The path on this side was in even worse shape, as a lot of the ice/snow/rocks/whatever from the road somehow ended up on the pathway. Footing was loose and just plain nasty. Add to that the bridge deck that hasn't been shovelled, but did have a ton of salt poured on it, so it was wet, loose sand to run in. Sadly, my toes got wet, which does not make for a good run. Luckily there was only about a km left to the end.

I found it hard being pleasant as well tonight...I really am at the end of my rope here. Yet my running partner seemed to want to chat. I just wanted to run, lost in my own nasty, bitter thoughts! Is that so wrong???

Finished up, and had a beer with a really small group tonight. Think there were 5 of us. I didn't even enjoy the Guinness as much as I normally do, but it was too dang cold! Home now, sipping a hot cup of French Vanilla coffee, and thinking it is bedtime.

I did make an amazing fish taco for supper tonight. So good in fact, that I failed to take any pictures (took 15 minutes from frying pan to plate to mouth to belly!) so I must try to recreate it soon. I did schmear a whole wheat tortilla with lite cream cheese, some sour cream, a couple of thin slices of marble cheese, shredded lettuce, salsa and the fish (which I tossed with Epicure taco seasoning & salt before frying up and topping with lime juice), rolled it up and inhaled. Next time, needs cilantro, but still very good.

Okay...starting to chill up again, so it's time to snuggle in some jammies with the furchildren.


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