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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Can't believe I haven't posted since Thursday, but it seems every time I sat down at the computer, I was too exhausted to think.

Friday - the visit with the Seniors Centre was good and bad. We were there for over 3 hours, and while the doctor and nurses also saw the decline in Mom, they weren't completely convinced it was all Alzheimer's. We have to go back in 3 months, and while some things are supposed to change (Mom's daily habits) I don't know how much will change, and what kind of affect it will have. All I know is I'm stuck in the middle and feel like crap about it. And no, cookies will not make me feel better (at least that's what I've been chanting all weekend!). I did do some serious sweating at boot camp, trying to get rid of some of my frustration. No boss lady this time, so I really enjoyed the whole class. We had a "squat-off" and the team I was on won. Not sure what our prize was, besides extra sore butts, but we did have a good workout and even did some core/booty work at the end to round the evening off. Good times!

Saturday - after a slight sleep-in, it was Zumba time! Have I mentioned that I love, love, love this class?! Actually, I really love the instructor, as she is sweet and fun and gets some serious sweat out of all of us. The class was bigger, which is good, because I would hate for the 6 weeks to end and then no more, because of low interest. Fingers crossed it continues into the summer. Came home and had a wee nap-a-thon...seems like every time I sat down, I woke up an hour later wondering what the heck just happened. Maybe Friday's stress caught up with me. Or it was cold outside and a perfect day for a nap...or two...or three. Dinner was quick and simple and tasty. I poached a piece of salmon in vegetable broth, and then ate it on brown rice with wasabi mayo and roasted Brussels sprouts and carrots. Nom, nom, nom...

Today - woke up to snow and -20C temps. Oh boy...and we get to run 19km in it. Fought the urge to just go back to bed, ate some steel cut oats and roasted walnuts, a cup of coffee and milk, mixed up the last of my OJ with boiling water (still had a slushy by the time I finished the run) and went out to start the car and head to the Running Room. Actually quite surprised by the turn-out. I think everyone just figures it's never going away, so may as well get used to it! We went west, as the snow threw off the plans for a different route (too dangerous), turning around at the 9.75km mark. That's when we discovered the wind! In our face and unrelenting the entire way back...and blowing over the frozen river for that extra special punch of cold!! And to top off my mood, Mr. Garmin decided to take a break. As in it was frozen at 11:32pm, Saturday, March 5th THE.ENTIRE.RUN! That left it to my co-runner (also a "pacer") to set the pace and times...oh, but she doesn't know how to set that on her Garmin, so she'll just guess when we should walk. And she guessed at what pace we were going, because, again, she didn't know how to get that data. Grrr...I did take our time (2:33.56) and entered it into the pace calculator on the RR website, and figured out that we ran a rather quick 7:54 LSD....we should be closer to 8, in order for it to be a good slow run. But that's okay...we actually finished just a few minutes behind the 4:30 group, so I at least had someone to have coffee with. Most of the other groups were already gone for the day. Joy of the long runs - takes up a serious chunk of your day.

Came home, shoveled the walks and had a bite to eat. Now I think I'll walk over to Safeway for something for dinner. It may still be -17C out there, but the sun is shining and actually melting things a bit, so I'll enjoy it while I can.


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