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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring 2011, day 2

Still snowing...and is forecast to do so!!! Le sigh... Fingers crossed that it's gone by Saturday, as the next Half looms.

I am feeling the nagging of a cold (darn coworkers, spreading germs) so I'm hopping up on Emergen-C and L-Glutimen and hoping to nip it in the bud. A cold will just screw up my "race every other weekend" schedule I've got going on. I was also supposed to donate blood tonight, but I won't ever risk passing on germs to those that need clean blood, so I postponed till the end of next week. Did have a good walk through the +15's downtown with a friend today. We did a whole circular loop, that took about 50 minutes all told. And we were going at a pretty good clip, despite the meanderers, strollers, dead-stoppers and crowds in general! I actually had my sweat going on.

Came home and vegged. Dinner was a toasted English muffin and the carrot/ginger/coconut soup I bought at the farmer's market on Saturday. It was good, but it needed a little something more. Like protein!! So I threw in a bunch of cashews that I had leftover from nut's & bolts (Chex Mix, as it's sometimes referred to)...after I eat all my favourites, in order: pretzel, corn chips, chex, almonds, hazelnuts, cheese nibs and cheerios, I bag up the cashews and use them in other meals. They're already garlicky, spicy goodness, and are great additions to stir fries or soups. They added what I needed, but I was still feeling a little peckish, so had another English muffin with some nutella for "dessert".

Other than this, I got nuthin... Maybe tomorrow's tempo run in the snow will be different...oh, wait. That's EVERY Tuesday it seems.

Sad face...


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