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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The First Day of Spring

And this is what we woke up to. We were the lucky ones, apparently, as we did not get the 25+cm that were predicted. But it's also supposed to snow off and on for the next 3 days...
I'm getting extra specially weary of running in snow and cold and through ice and puddles. Just sayin', Mama Nature. 'nuf already.
Today was going to be an odd training day for me. Schedule says 26km, but I am also registered for the Commonwealth Games for Life 10km this morning at 10am. What to do, what to do? I decided I would break up the long, slow distances into 2 8k's and do the 10k race pace. Good thing I'm an accountant and figure numbers out, huh???

Got up, tried not to cry when I looked outside, and made some breakfast of steel-cut oats (made them last night, so all I had to do was heat-up and add some Saskatoon berries), a glass of milk and a coffee, and mixed up my running fuel of OJ, water and sea salt.

Got dressed, and let me tell you how hard it was to figure out what to wear! Yes, it was snowy, but it really wasn't that cold, until you looked at the windchill. I settled on long pants, a long-sleeved tech shirt with a tech t over top (my new favourite quote). Over top of that will go my running jacket (shell, not fleece) and the Runner Girl) toque for my head. No gloves, because of my hot hands. Wonder if that means I have a cold heart?? I also packed a complete change of clothes, right down to socks, just in case I needed something dry to run in later.

Made it to the Running Room in time to see everyone from the various groups, and therefore beating most of the race runners to precious underground parking! Confirming that there weren't any 5-hour runners there today (would have been fun, having to pace myself) and took off for my first 8km LSD run. I decided that the simple Eau Claire to Crowchild loop would do, and was happy to see that the City was out with the sweepers, cleaning the pathways. That's until we reached 10th St. Then for some reason, they stopped. Oh boy! Loose snow over ice patches for a whole 2+ kms....happy, happy knees! While everyone else was running out west, I turned back towards downtown, and after a little loop through Prince's Island, I finished my 8km LSD with a nice pace of 8:07/km. Hip/hamstring acted up a little throughout the run, but I think it had more to do with running on the snow than an actual injury. Time will tell.

After a quick stretch out and some water, I went back outside with the group as the race was set to start in a few minutes. Big mistake to go inside as I got COLD. But start it did, and now I was trying to run race pace...or the closest I could get to it. Most of the pathway was clear by this time, and the sun even did an awesome job of coming out and trying to melt stuff, but that 2km stretch stayed stubbornly snowy. We ran out to Crowchild (wait, deja vu), going west to the turn-around point, which sadly was about 200m past where it should have been! Mr. Garmin and the markers were dead on until the halfway mark, and mine was not the only one "out". I think who ever measured the course this morning got it a little wrong. But whatever....turn around, and run back the the same way. So, just over a km of clear path, 2 kms of snow, 4 kms clear, 2 kms snow and then home free. My ankles seemed to take the brunt this time, as they both feel stiff and sore right now. I will ice and roll them later, to try and work the kinks out. We actually received a medal at the end of this race (rare for 10k's) which will go with the collection in the hall.
Finished in 1:19, which was not race pace, but was faster than the LSD pace. Did some more stretching, ate some banana and yogurt, desperately waited for coffee to be made (should have just gone and bought a cup) and then hung around for the door prizes, top finishers, etc. John Stanton of the Running Room was in town for this race, so had a nice chat with him too, before hooking up with some of the marathoners that actually did 26km today. I got permission from my clinic instructor, John Stanton and the race director to take the rest of the day off and not worry about getting in that last 8km. Um...okay!!! Went for egg wrap and fresh fruit salad instead! And a real cup of coffee!!

Now the question is what to do with the rest of my day?? Someone feels like cuddling and is telling me the saddest tales of woe about her day thus far. I don't need to shovel, as Mr. Sunshine did it for me! Maybe a wee nap is in order...time will tell.


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