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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Very tired, although the Guinness isn't likely helping that at all, so short post.

Hill training rocks...I really do like it. The pushing yourself up the hill, thinking you're going to hurl, and then the glorious run back down, letting gravity do all the work! I know I saw a few laps where I was in the 6's, rather than the 7's where my training time should be. Had a good long run there, did the 4 repeats and then returned for beer. I do need a technical shirt that says will run for beer. It's funny, because it's true!

Dinner was really quick, as I was beat when I got home, but was too tired to nap. Weird. So I boiled up some gnocchi and tossed it with a tsp of butter and some shredded parm. I knew my lunch was a little light on veggies, so I did grab an Asian salad downstairs, sans noodles and picking out most of the beef - the chef think fat tastes does not! But tons of tomatoes, cucumber, greens, peppers, jicama. I got in my daily allotment between the salad and apple on my pancakes. Which were awesome the next day, by the way. I think I'll make a batch one weekend and freeze them.

Stopped for a couple of pints after run club and am home now. Need to shut of Mr. Computer and GO.TO.BED. Odds on that happening?? Oooo...even though I'm not Catholic or Anglican, can I choose going to bed before 10:30 as my lent?? Is it too late?!


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H-woman said...

All Christian faiths have Lent, not just the Catholics and Anglicans. =)

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