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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Disco Fever

And people wonder why I love run club?! It was Disco Night, baby, and we rocked da' house!! There were some great outfits, awesome dance moves and some serious good times going on. Oh, and then we all went out and ran hills or did speed work, or whatever was scheduled for our Wednesday night run. Because that's what you do on Wednesdays...

I did not run in the wig (way too windy) but did manage to go out and run 4 of the 7 hills scheduled. Why only 4 you ask? Well, I finally hobbled over to my chiropractor today and let Dr. Jay do his magic on my back. It is loosening up, but still really painful. Of course, he had me move for him, to see what's up, and his first comment was "wow, that's tight". So, maybe not so loose then, huh??? After some awesome snapping and cracking (I totally LOVE getting my back and hips cracked), I walked back to work, grabbed some lunch and spent the afternoon puttering away at reports.

Home, had a dinner of cereal and a banana with UVAB (really not creative tonight), then got ready for the night of fun. The things I manage to find in my "tickle trunk" continue to amaze me...the fuzzy sweater was especially awesome.

After the run, we had a little social in the Running Room before us regulars went off to the bar for beer and dinner (others ate, I did not). I did change (wigs are hot) and after a couple of pints and many laughs, just got home. Late night tonight.

I think one of these treats, from my Aussie friend who flew them back with her last week, may have to be consumed before I go to bed though...OMG! Now, the Original Tim Tams are available here (at least in Calgary they are, along with a dark and caramel variety) but the Mint ones were just a myth to me. They are quite fabulous (love the Originals more though), if you like dark chocolate (and I do) but the Mint Slices??? HEAVEN!!!! Don't know what I'm going to do when they're gone. But that may be a good thing.

Okay, heading to bed. I am beat and my back just wants to lay out flat. Maybe mint will make it feel better.


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