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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Banana soft serve

Or apparent lack thereof...I suppose to make this simple, yet delicious looking treat that has floated around blogland forever, you need the top of the line, why haven't I won the lottery Kitchenaid food processor. The personal "Elite" piece.of.crap blender/chopper that I have didn't do anything to said frozen banana pieces other than to swirl them around, blitz about a teaspoon full and made a whole hell of a lot of noise! I am not amused.

On to better things! Pretty sure I pulled my ass in the tempo run on Tuesday!!! Or the very top of my left hamstring was feeling the extra push and decided to let me know that it really was still in charge. I can still walk, but after sitting, standing up involved usually a sound like "oy" and me standing very still for a minute waiting for the pain the stop and the leg to swing in a forward motion. Must remember where the hell my beat stick is. I need to roll the hammy as well as my ankle - I think yesterday's 3km walk in the Vibrams is being felt as well. I just keep stretching them both, and already the leg feels better. Granted, I kicked it's ass tonight in boot camp. Quite literally...

Knew it was going to be a rough night when Trainer Josh mused that he should "really kick our butts tonight"...uh-oh. We warmed up as usual, and then moved on to circuits of 50. Yes...FIVE.ZERO!!! Here's the deal...50 reps of a mat work, then 50 reps of some band work. If you fail (read, stop to catch your breath or stretch) then you must run suicides to make up the difference. So if you only got to 41, then you had to run 3 suicide laps (each lap counted as 3, as the stations were set up all over the hall) to make up the difference. All sets would be 5 minutes in total, so as many reps as you could do in that time. Let the happy, good times begin. We started with push-ups (OMG!) and lat pulls. Set 2 was drop-leg flies and triceps dips. Set 3 was full body bike and squats. Set 4 was bicep curls and bent over rows. Set 5 was lunges and cheek to cheeks. We rounded out the class with extensions, butt kicks, high-knees, side shuffles, banana to v-sit and back, toe touches, oblique crunches, full sit ups and negatives. Happy, happy good times! I'll be lucky if I can lift my coffee to my lips in the morning!

Told everyone at weight watchers of my recent vow renewals, so they are now all interested in hearing them next week (printed them off, then forgot where I put them!). Must have worked, as I was down another .8 this week.

Home from boot camp, hungry and desperate for food, fast. So while a piece of basa cooked in the frying pan with Korean BBQ sauce, I tossed a bag of Asian salad (greens, sugar snap peas, dried cherries, fried won ton pieces and dressing) and then topped it with the fish. Quick (whole dinner was done in about 10 minutes from freezer to plate) and delish. In fact, it was so good and I was rather famished, so it's all gone before the paparazzi could snap a shot!

Would have been nice to finish the evening off with some banana, but nooooooo. Not for me.


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