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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Pancake Tuesday

The funny thing is I'm not Catholic...not even Anglican...can hardly even be called 'religious'. Yet, every year growing up, we had pancakes for supper on Fat Tuesday. Must be the British heritage of my parents. Or we just really like pancakes and any excuse to have them for supper is all right with us.

I thought I'd try something new this year...Sweet Potato Pancakes. And really simple! Boil a sweet potato and mash (I used my ricer - best kitchen gadgets ever), and then add 1 c buttermilk, 2 eggs, 1 c pancake mix and some nutmeg.

Fried up in real buttah...

Topped with a touch of buttah and honey.

And the good news is the rest are waiting to cool for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. As a non-Catholic, I haven't exactly committed to Lent, so I'm going to eat pancakes all day! Tomorrow's will be topped with Honeyed Cinnamon Apples (just invented the title)...apples, walnuts, buttah, honey and cinnamon. Let them all get happy together...they look and smell amazing.

We watched a video in run clinic tonight Running to the Limits. Really interesting, and I think it released the inner Kenyon/Ethiopian in myself and E. tonight as we totally rocked out our Tempo training run tonight!!! Up until now, we've been averaging anywhere from 7:39 to 7:50...however tonight, we hit 7:01 for 2 kms and averaged 7:11 for the whole run. Wicked good run!

Had a cup of coffee, came home and made up the rest of the pancake dough (made 6 fair sized pancakes), which are now cooling for tomorrow. Watching Glee (good thing I'm PVRing it, as I'm only half paying attention) and then heading for bed. Hills start tomorrow! Yay!!!!



Anonymous said...

I have to say, by my calcs - this comes out to 20 points per serving. Way too rich for my taste, as my daily (and the average daily of those at goal) is 29 PP. Yikes!

Carol said...

Actually 12 per serving (I got 6 large pancakes out of it) and they were worth every point! Besides, my 40 minute training run earned me almost that many in activity points. Will run for food!

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