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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Race #2

Two down, 11 (so far) to go. Sorry, earlier I said 14 booked, but it's officially thirteen booked, with another 3 in October on the radar and one last half in November. Oh, and the New Year's Resolution run, but of course!

Dawned bright and sunny, although the temps seemed to want to stick around -10C (14F) which made it really hard to decide what to wear. I sweat so bad at the best of times (hence, jacket collars firmly frozen to my neck!) that the last thing I want is to be too hot while running. I ended up with a pair of capris, long-sleeved tech shirt with a t-shirt over top, and at the last minute, a running jacket over top. There was a bit of a wind, and I thought just the shirts would be a bit too cool.

My hamstring was still nagging me this morning, and it so did not enjoy being out on a 10km (6.2mile) run. I had hoped it would relax and loosen up into the run, but it just kept nagging me pretty much the whole way. It was an out and back, same old route as always since it started and finished at Eau Claire, where I take running clinic. In fact, there were a few people I knew from the store, but no other marathoners that I could see. Trouble is many of the races this year have been switched to Saturdays, and a lot of people I know work. But there were still probably a good 500-800 out for the nice day.

I managed to maintain a reasonable 7.18/km pace, even showing a negative split, with a surprising 6:46 for the last km. Now, if only I can manage to keep that up for the whole 42.2 in a few months. Next race is next weekend, and that'll be fun, as it's on Sunday. So I'll head out and do 10 LSD, come back in and run the 10km race and then, to round out the day, another 6 LSD. Trouble of squeezing marathon training in and around races. When I race a Half, I will take the Sunday run off, but 10 km is usually on schedule for Thursday and/or Saturday, which I usually miss due to boot camp or Zumba.

After hanging out, and winning a door prize of a Running Room gift card (how did they know I needed to buy a new beat stick

- that should make the old one reappear from where ever it is hiding!), and eating the after race hamburger (...better than a dry bagel, but some fresh fruit might have been nice), I swung by H-woman`s to check up on Miss Nermal, who actually let me have a cuddle with her, then home where I worked on my leg a bit and then crashed, hard, on the couch. Woke up, dealt with a tenant issue, walked to Safeway to pick up some munchies and then back home where I`ve been since (save for another quick trip over to H`s).

Must think about heading to bed, as run club is at 8:30. That`s providing my leg wants to play tomorrow, of course. 23km on a bum hamstring would be just downright stupid!

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