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Monday, March 7, 2011


Had a last minute invite from H-woman to hook up for noodles, after meeting her at a mall nearby. Yay! Haven't been in FOR-EVER, and I so love the noodles at Vietnam Fortune. After a quick trip to the mall (I came away empty handed - so don't like the spring look, colours or styles so far...that doesn't bode well), we had an awesome dinner of shrimp salad rolls, the best dipping sauce EVER and chicken satay pho for me (beef for H). I could swim in their broth...seriously good stuff.

We gabbed about family and life and work and such, and it was good to get it out. It's nice to have someone to spill to. Very important for maintaining a sane mind.

We got all the way up to -12C today (but I think I was inside at the time) and we're being teased with plus temperatures for Wednesday AND Thursday. Time will tell...oh, and just in time for the St. Paddy's 10k on Saturday?? A dump of snow Friday night! Awesome, happy good times. I think it may get to the point that I won't remember how to run when it's flat, dry, ice-free, rock-free, no windchill and warm. I really wonder what that will be like. Doesn't stop me though, huh?

Well, my belly is full of warm pho and my eyes are at half-mast. Time to sleep.


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