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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still catching up

It's only one hour, but man, I feel like I'm still chasing it from Sunday. I ended up having two 1-hour naps yesterday after work, before doing some running around, for crying out loud. And I'm still feeling off today.

Leg was still a little naggy after Sunday's run, but for the most part feeling better. Funny thing is the pain is moving down the leg, settling around my knee now, so I'm hopeful it'll keep heading south, and right out my foot! I rolled it good tonight, and will continue to do some stretching and kneading to get it better. If need be, I'll head over to the chiros and let them have a go at it.

Got slammed with a major project today, which was good and bad. Good, because I do enjoy being busy, but bad when I get the "oh, the meeting I need this all for is tomorrow at 1pm, and I need the last 3 years worth of data for absolutely everything, but broken down into specific snippets". Oh, okay, no problem! I am amazing, after all.

It was a pleasure to run tonight in sunshine (the bonus of daylight savings) and warmth...finally. The downside was the lakes we had to skirt around on the running paths, and if it wasn't water we were avoiding, it was mud. Or having to get out of the way of marauding vehicles, aiming for said puddles, because apparently it's fun to splash people running along in fresh air!! I was not so fortunate to get out of the way in time!!

Discussed long runs with the clinic instructor - it's interesting to hear a different perspective, and something we're going to explore...time vs. distance, and the impact on your body. As long as I continue to improve in my race times, I'm up for anything. We'll see what comes of it. Hills tomorrow night, in the meantime. Yay!

Ran 6km, stretched, enjoyed a latte and a chat with a friend, home to Glee and now I am ready for bed. Going to find the missing hour of sleep somewhere!


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