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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Heart Hills!

It's weird...if I'm doing a long run or a race and there's a hill, I curse, mutter under my breath, walk it (if it's early in the run/race) or just generally don't enjoy it all. However, on Wednesdays, when it's hill training and we're doing 5 repeats...I LOVE it!!! I push myself harder with each repeat, trying to be as good/or better than the previous lap. I open it up on the run down, letting gravity do all the work. I let my heart pump and push myself to that point of no return. AWESOME! Tonight, including the 3km warm-up and a half k. cool down, we went FASTER than yesterday's tempo run! I swear I saw a 5-something on one of the lap's times...most were 6's. I rock hills!

Dinner was a fast bowl of cereal because I got all of 2 hours sleep last night, so came home from work and crawled into bed before run club. Then it was run (5.41km, 5 hills, 7:09 average pace) and beer. I heart that bad?! At least this year, our timing is better, as last year we tried to compete with all the St. Paddy Day's revelers...the bar was mostly ours tonight. Still had a pint (or two) as I am Irish 365 days a year, not just once.

Home now and after this post, and sending some birthday wishes to my older bro, it is bedtime.


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