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Friday, March 25, 2011

Race #4

Not sure how this Half is going to go. It is currently -7C with "snow grains", whatever the hell those are supposed to be. It's the end of March, for crying out loud, and it looks like the week before Christmas around here!! The fog never lifted all day, it's windy and cold. To top it off, despite all my efforts and Emergen-C intake, I have a cold. That'll make the 21.1km go faster!!! Right now it's only in my sinuses, so with clear lungs, I'll head out in the morning. I can never breathe through my nose when I run anyway, so it won't be that much different than usual. Worse case, and I'm not feeling it, I turn it into a long, slow training run. I am not trying to win or qualify for the Olympics, for goodness sake. I really do run these because I like to run.

Because it is a March race, it has a nice late start (10am) and is down at the usual spot, Eau Claire. In fact, we'll be running what I Getting a little bored with the Bow River Valley. I am seriously looking forward to the Policeman's Half in April, despite it being the weekend I return from Montreal, just because I know it'll be a different route, finally. Of course, the way Mother Nature is treating us these days, I'm sure the weather is going to be exactly the same! Sorry...but it's really, really starting to get to me. Ironically, I had to go to the doctor's this morning to deal with some sun damage on my nose (that's what she said - "schlerma-something, blah,'s a referral to a dermatologist") yet can't really remember when I last saw said ball of fire in the sky.
Dropped H-woman off at the airport after work. She's off to run the Around the Bay in Hamilton, of which she'll do awesome. Came home and made a recipe that was in this month's Running Room magazine. I really liked it, but next time will pump it up with even more veggies. Kind of like a warm salad really, but tasty. And with all the quinoa, loads of protein. I already have my oatmeal cooked and waiting for breakfast, so I guess all that's left for me is to go to bed and get some zzz's.

Race recap tomorrow.

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