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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yoga and Tempo

We had Jeff Mah from the Bohdi Tree Yoga Centre came to talk/teach us at running clinic tonight, but instead of learning downward dogs and all these moves that just hurt (me, at least), he taught us moves to wake things up. And he was funny, which helps with everything, as far as I'm concerned. I don't even recall if he named everything we were doing. The Half and Marathon groups were combined tonight (Garrath, our fearless leader is in England right now), so it was a very large group trying to do yoga moves in a very small space. We didn't use the store, as usual, but one of the empty spaces in the mall where the Running Room is located. It was still pretty tight.

After that we went outside to do our 6km tempo run. I was worried that we would be walking out to rain, but whatever blew in kept on blowing. The skies were blue and clear and hot. Regretted wearing carpis instead of shorts, but I did at least wear a tank, so I didn't completely overheat. We started off nice and slow for kilometres # 1 and 2, but we did build up the speed a bit with the 2nd, as the group thought it would be easier to hit the tempo pace faster. I'll bounce it off Garrath next time we talk, but it did seem to work well. We hit the 7:07 goal pace on km #3 and held it consistently for #'s 4 and 5, finally slowing down to a brisk walk cool down for the last one home. Some more stretching and then home for the evening, after wishing several of the ladies good luck with the Sinister Seven run they are tackling on the weekend. I don't know if I'll ever be ready for something like this! A race that starts at 7am on Saturday morning, finishes at 10 am on Sunday morning, and where you are your own aid station. Teams of 7 tackle the 146km trail run UP mountains and if you don't meet the time limits of your leg, then your team is out. Way too much pressure for me!! I think everyone will do great and can't wait to hear the stories. Fingers crossed no bear encounters! That could cut into their time.

Entered my final data for the X-Weighted Challenge tonight. While I entered my data every week, I really felt like this whole thing just fizzled. Besides, it's just to inspiring to see "oops, you're a little off track" week after week, because I wasn't losing the weight fast enough for them. Whatever! I did lose almost 10 pounds since the start, ran a marathon within 13 minutes of my goal time, lost a total of 4.5 inches, quite frankly on my own. There really wasn't any kind of support or encouragement from the X-weighted group (at least not that I saw), and just felt like I was filling in blanks to fill them in. Guess that's why I prefer Last 10 Pounds! And Tommy could take Paul any day!! Just sayin'!

My dinner tonight was the last of my Indian "feast" the other night. I mixed the rice, chicken, some lime juice, cilantro and a red pepper and heated that through. It was more eatable than the other night, that's for sure. Also stopped and stocked up on some groceries, to get me through the week. Tried to pick up fast but not fast food or over processed, as I really need to hunker down and stick to an eating schedule as routine as my exercise schedule. I am a schedule girl. Snacked on a necturine when I got home...not quite ripe yet, but still very yummy. I heart necturines.

Okay, eyes are drooping, so I'm heading to bed. Happy Hump Day tomorrow, everyone.


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H-woman said...

I used to have a Wednesday night 'date' with Jeff. I <3 his yin class! Now that my Wednesdays are free again, maybe I should resume my date night...

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