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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Retro 10 deets

Was looking at Mr. Garmin and found it interesting that I could tell which km was hilly vs downhill vs flat, all based on my average pace. Makes me think that if this were a flatter course, that I could have killed it, pace wise!

km 1: 7:15 - flat, heading west, and just warming up
km 2: 9:06 - enter the switchbacks, long uphill climb
km 3: 6:28 - running down said switchbacks...I LOVE running downhill!
km 4: 7:13 - back to flat, running east
km 5: 7:21 - still flat
km 6: 8:50 - BIG hill!
km 7: 7:22 - some rolling hills, mainly down though
km 8: 6:41 - all downhill at this point...wee!
km 9: 7:37 - a slight climb up to the turnaround point
km 10: 7:58 - still a small hill up to the turnaround (was told I did the best turn ever - I may not run fast, but I look good doing it!)
km 11: 7:28 - back down to the flats
km 12: 7:38 - the climb back up is just starting. While I can't smell the bacon, I am imagining it waiting for me at the finish line!
km 13: 9:27 - back into the rolling hills, but this time all up.
km 14: 8:03 - still hilly, but am almost at the ridge, which is mainly flat. Bacon, here I come!
km 15: 6:39 - down the big hill of km 6! WEEE!!!
km 16: 6:58 - held the pace from the downhill, and refused to let myself walk and rest up - the finish line (literally, a big red thing) was in sight and I was heading for home.
Sadly, to no bacon.

Hit the sack last night around midnight and slept like the dead, despite my afternoon nap, finally waking up around 9 (okay, I was prompted awake at 5 by two hungry furbabies). Had to sleep with the fan running, as the heat stuck around last night (so unlike Calgary), but it is much cooler already this morning. That will make the yard work I'm about to do easier.

Legs feel great after yesterday's run (I did dip the feet/calves into the icy cold Bow river for a bit yesterday - ahhhhh...can you say glacier-fed?!), but I am feeling my abs from Friday's boot camp session. Guess she knew what to do about abs...she just needs to figure out the rest and then I think she'll make a good trainer. Thank goodness Trainer Josh will be back tomorrow!

Plans for the day include hauling some recyclables, cut the grass and pull some weeds, visit with Mom and Dad (and that probably means a grocery run) and then home to plan the week's menu. I need to sit down and map out a plan, since this floopy "eat whatever is quick and easy and available when I finally get home from running around all day" thing isn't working so well!!! I used to follow menus from Weight Watchers with great success, and I need to dig them out and post them up again.

Oh, goodness...hurts to cough!! Just thought I'd share that!! LOL!!

Happy Sunday, people. Have a great one.


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