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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A new plan

Took Mom over to see Dad in the new room, hoping that they had finally got him moved. I mean, seriously...he was coming from the 3rd floor to the 1st of the same building, and when I was there at noon, they hadn't moved him yet ("we'll be moving him after breakfast")...when I left at 2, they still hadn't moved him!!!! Left hand calling right hand, asking what was going on, where he is, etc....this does not bode well, nor did I leave feeling confident with the decisions made.

So what I'm working on is private home care, renting and setting up a medical bed at home, adjusting the bathroom so it works for him, and even looking at meals on wheels to make sure they're both fed well. Mom was initially sceptical, scared that she would worry herself to death about Dad, but after being there, I think she's changed her mind. So I'll be making a bunch of phone calls tomorrow, and try to get things rolling on bringing him home. He looked so miserable tonight...said no one would talk to him (crap...can you imagine being the "new kid" at 77 years old?!?!), his roommate is basically in a coma (haven't actually seen the man move) and when we left Dad was just sitting there, staring at the wall. I can actually feel my heart breaking in two. And it didn't help that as we left, others were asking where they were, saying hello, wanting takes a special person to work in a place like that and I'm so not it! I would be a useless pile of goo the first day.

Food was very erratic today. I was up at 5:30, at work by 6:15, walked to WW at 7 (up another 1.2 - is it really selfish of me that I want Dad home so that I can get a bit of my life/routine back?! Don't answer that...I already know), and on the walk back to work (couldn't stay for meeting), I grabbed a 5-shot latte and a scone. Worked the morning, and headed down to meet with admissions at 11:30. Finally left there close to 2, drove home, parked the car and walked back to work...realizing that it has now been roughly 7 hours since the scone!!! I grabbed an obscenely long hot dog from a street vendor, but only ate about half (didn't sit well), and then munched on a tomato that I had at my desk. That held me over till I left work at 3:30 and walked to Safeway to pick up some fish for supper, a bag of salad and oddly enough, two packages of cookies found their way into my bag! I've only had 3 thus far, and one package is going in the freezer immediately.

I did not run tonight...mainly because I knew I hadn't eaten nearly enough through the day to fuel an 8k steady run, and because I'm tired, the skies were threatening to rain and I just plain wasn't feeling it. I give myself permission to miss a run every now and then. It will not derail marathon training in the long run.

Okay, going to bed. My brain is tired.


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