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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Retro 10

I was a little worried after last night's clouds blowing in, but this morning dawned bright and clear. Literally not a single cloud in the sky. Again, as much as I hate mornings, thank goodness our race started bright and early.

I was up just after 6, and had a pre-race breakfast of bagel, PB and Croft Superfruit (North America). I decided to give them a try, since everyone in blog land seem to really like them. I do have problems with store-bought, since I've had home-made jam my whole life, but this was pretty good. Not my Mama's, but pretty good. Topped off with a cup of milk and I was ready to run.
Drove to the far north west end of Calgary, getting to the park about 30 minutes before the race. It was nice and cool (almost too cold for the tank and shorts I was wearing) but that was fine, as I knew it was only going to get hotter as the day progressed. Sadly there were only about 40 of us that showed up for this run (needs to advertise better!) and it wasn't a timed event. But it was a good distance to practice race day techniques and challenges, and it means I get to sleep in tomorrow!
We started at 8am, and headed west through the park, crossing the river under Stoney Trail, and that's where the first of the hills really started. A full km of switchbacks, up into Valley Ridge, to the golf course. I decided it was really stupid to burn out in the first few klicks, so I walked up this section, and then enjoyed a good run back down. Cross back over the river, and now we're headed east, up and into Blood & Guts! Going east isn't so bad, as after you get over the first hill (which is a steep SOB!), it's pretty much rolling downhill to the next turnaround point at 10km. You can really see it in my pace times...turned around at the church (10km mark) and now it's time to head back home. A few kilometers through the trees and fields before the hills start again. Remember the rolling downhill?? Now it's all rolling UPHILL! Again, I walked when I had to, and ran the other times. I also walked at the water stations - which for such a small run, there were quite a few! Four in total, I think, which is more than the Half I ran through there in the spring. Finally back at the top of the big hill, and started booking it. I felt strong, and kept driving forward, thinking 'bacon'...that was supposed to be waiting for us at the finish line! I crossed through, getting a high-five from Garrath and his son (cutey-patootie!), finishing at (my Garmin time) of 2:01:56. I was aiming for under 2 hours, but I am still pleased with the run today. I feel great still, and know what I need to work on for Toronto. Of course, if I can run these hills, Toronto is going to be a freaking breeze! I think where this will really make the difference is in Banff in September (Melissa's 22km) as that has it's far share of hills to climb.
Did some stretching, grabbed the last of the bacon (one tiny little piece) and some pancakes, and a cup of the worst coffee, ever. Seriously, have none of these people heard of a filter?! I've had camping coffee that was better!!! And it was Starbucks! They should be arrested for caffeine abuse. The "winners" were announced (which for a non-timed event was odd), and then some door prizes, which I won one. And it's like they knew me! Cool Starbucks Moose mug, the fudge popcorn (so gone already), coffee coated almonds and some Pike's Peak coffee beans. Can't wait to grind them up for a cup in my new mug. George was checking everything out, and tried to claim (kitty face rub) the cup for his very own. Too bad he doesn't drink coffee. I do apolgize for the blurry pictures...when I have my contacts in (for distance) I can't really see close up that well and didn't realize they were so out of focus. Growing older sucks...just saying.
Had something a little more substantial to eat, baking up some samosas and dipping them in Greek yogurt blended with a bit of lime juice. Then enjoyed some of the Liberte "Crack" Coconut yogurt dessert...I lurve this stuff!!!
Then I needed to lay down. I was fading quickly at this point, and enjoyed a nice little nap until the heat woke me up. Puttered around, before walking to Safeway to look for something raw for dinner. I did not want to turn anything on, so ended up with some dip, high-fibre corn chips (10 grams!), a 7-layer dip, baby carrots and sugar snap peas. Enjoyed a drumstick cone for dessert (I did manage to burn off over 1400 calories this morning) and am now praying for the predicted cold front to hurry up and arrive. I truly hate being hot! Off to find my lightest outfit to wear to bed, and then I think it's time to settle down for the night. I'm going to cut the grass early tomorrow morning, before it gets too hot, and then do some more puttering around. I think I'll try to find a dishwasher tomorrow, as mine is dead and I hate hand-washing dishes.
Hope everyone had a great Saturday. I know I did.


Cowgirl Warrior said...

If you don't mind me asking where did you find the Croft Superfruit, I too have read a lot about it but haven't seen it anywhere.

Carol said...

At Community Foods (the one by Chinook), although I'm sure it's at the one on 10th Ave as well.

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