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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rainy day

Even though it's much cooler today, I still had to sleep with the fan on all night long. I must have been tired though, as the drone barely kept me awake. And I do love waking up without the alarm. Up once at 5 to feed the kids (they do love their schedules!) and then back to sleep till 9. It was cloudy all day, with the rain finally arriving about 3. No great downpours, just a nice steady rain to wash things down and keep it cool.

Woke up nice and slowly, puttering around in my jammies, sipping an iced coffee (homemade with 1% milk and espresso) and munching on toast. Finally decided to get dressed and go get Mom, as we were meeting with the Hospice care doctor today, to discuss Dad and his care.

Got to the Hospice just past 1:30, and watched the remainder of the football game (yay, Stamps!) with Dad, only to find out that the doctor was dealing with another family. Our "appointment" was at 2, but she didn't make it in till at least 3. But after a long talk, with Dad as well (after all, this is all about him), it was decided that he is best suited for Long Term Care, as opposed to Hospice. This way, he can get some rehabilitation and actually get out and leave his room every now and then. Not that he's recovered, nor will he ever be, but he's just not as sick as first thought. Once I was assured that he would receive the same level of care, and that he wouldn't be treated like a piece of meat and tossed about between facilities and the hospital, I/we all decided to go forward with placing him. The downside is we are now at the whim of Alberta Heath Services, as we have to take whatever room they put him in and THEN we can try to get him moved to a place closer to home. That is to say, he could end up somewhere in the far northeast, while Mom lives in the southwest. Could mean even more mileage on my poor old car and late nights...and people wonder why I run! The doctor even pointed out that I looked a tad surprise there.

After the meeting, I dropped Mom off, came home, polished off the remainder of last night's supper (dips, whole wheat tortillas and a pasta salad) and then fell asleep on the couch for a good 2 hours. The only thing that really woke me up was my hip aching. And not the one giving me grief the last couple of days. I don't have the most comfy couch!

My left hip has been "out" since Friday morning. Feels like if I could just pop it, it would feel so much better. I've been taking ibuprofen, and stretching, twisting and working on it with the stick, and it is finally feeling better. At least I can stand up now! I just hope it feels better for tomorrow, as I really do hate missing a run (did I just type that?!) and feel responsible for showing up, since I'm a pace leader. We're doing the same route we did last week, which is nice, and I'll put it out to the ladies if we want to approach it from the other direction (go clockwise this time), just to mix it up a bit. We'll see in the morning.

Supper was a simple frozen dinner (where are the vegetables, by the way?) and then some toast with cream cheese, as those dinners really are pathetically small. A big glass of chocolate moo, and an ice cream sandwich, and I'm good for the evening.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends.


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